Team Operations

Alex DeRosa
Vice President, Soccer Operations

Amos Magee
Vice President, Youth Development

Angie Blaker
Senior Director, Team Operations

Logan Kuneck
Director, Player Compliance & Finance

Cameron Knowles
Head Coach, MNUFC2

Jeremy Hall
Assistant Coach, MNUFC2

Jonathan Barber
Goalkeeping Coach, MNUFC2

Josh Corbin
Player Care Manager

Ryan Natusch
Director of Equipment

Sean Bigness
First Team Equipment Manager

Saul Rosales
Assistant Team Administrator

Kevin Jacobs
Team Administrator, MNUFC2

Rachel McCloskey
Equipment Manager, MNUFC2

Harrison Heath

Amy Hobday
Office Administrator

Medical Staff

Aimee Klapach, M.D.
Chief Medical Officer/Team Physician

Robby Bershow, M.D.
Team Physician

Greg Folsom, M.D.
Team Physician

Trent Christensen, M.D.
Team Physician

Sean Buckley
Head of Sports Science

Donnie Fuller
Senior Director of Player Health & Performance / Head Athletic Trainer

Neil De Cleene
Physical Therapist

Kayce Godwin
Assistant Athletic Trainer

Martin Ramiz
Assistant Athletic Trainer

Enrique Martinez Ruiz
Director of Strength & Conditioning

Austin Kowitz
Director, Performance Nutrition

Nick Menietti
Athletic Trainer, MNUFC2

Craig Lane
Sports Scientist

Daniel Bell
Strength & Conditioning Specialist, MNUFC2

Hannah Valen
Athletic Trainer, MNUFC2 & YDP