Front Office

4150 Olson Memorial Highway, Suite 300
Golden Valley, MN 55422

Phone: 763.476.2237
Fax: 763.331.8788

Executive Staff

  • Dr. Bill McGuire
  • Nicholas Rogers
  • Todd Abramson
    Chief Operating Officer
  • Sara Daggett
    Vice President Of Human Resources & Legal Affairs
  • Maureen Smith
  • Alex Derosa
    Special Assistant To The President
  • Samantha Thompson
    Executive Assistant & Business Reporting Manger
  • Amanda York
    Senior Accountant
  • Michael Gilbert
    Accounting Coordinator
  • Logan Kuneck
    Project Manger
  • Alex Stuhr
    Administrative Coordinator
  • Alec Hill
    Office Manager


  • John Guagliano
    Senior Vice President of Marketing & Communications
  • Brad Baker
    Senior Director Of Video Production
  • Eric Durkee
    Director Of Public Relations
  • Tyson Hill
    Director Of Digital Media
  • Morgan Lubben
    Director Of Broadcasting
  • Kreg Blair
    Event Manager
  • Katie Burke
    Merchandise Manager
  • Steve McPherson
  • Scott Rainy
    Graphic Designer
  • TJ Gulenchyn
    Marketing Coordinator
  • Alyssa Anderson
    Community Relations Coordinator
  • Michael Shields
    Social Media Coordinator
  • Jonathan Whitney
    Motion Graphics Artist / Producer
  • Sam Plucker
  • Scott Sikich
    Video Production Assistant

Corporate Partnerships

  • Mike Slates
    Senior Vice President Of Corporate Partnerships
  • Marc Morgan
    Senior Director Of Corporate Partnerships
  • Nathan Fix
    Senior Director Of Partnership Marketing
  • Brooke Dotson
    Partnership Marketing Manager
  • Brittany Christian
    Premium Sales Manager
  • Josh Givens
    Corporate Partnerships Manager
  • Kara Kawakami
    Events & Hospitality Manager
  • Tori Taubner
    Partnership Marketing Coordinator

Game Day Operations

  • Justin Borrell
    Game Day Operations Manager
  • Peter Mayer
    Operations Coordinator

Ticket Operations, Sales & Services

  • Sean Sittnick
    Senior Director Of Ticket Sales
  • Taylor VanOosbree
    Ticket Operations Manager
  • Joe Dettlaff
    Group Sales Manager
  • Jeff Crist
    Season Ticket Sales Manager
  • Joe Long
    Season Ticket Services & Retention Manager
  • Paul Bonnie
    New Business Development Representative Manager
  • Skyler Rivera
    Database Assistant
  • Allie Emch
    Senior Account Executive
  • James Horton
    Senior Account Executive
  • Ben Smith
    Senior Account Executive, Season Ticket Services
  • Nate Moseley
    Account Executive, Season Ticket Services
  • Josh Elvig
    Account Executive II
  • Cait Miller
    Account Executive
  • Kendall Hughson
    Account Executive
  • Ellen Kokes
    Account Executive, Season Ticket Services
  • Matthew Rubbelke
    Account Executive
  • Alex Cardenas
    Account Executive
  • Jessica Voigt
    Account Executive
  • Alex Eernisse
    New Business Development Representative
  • Logan Beine
    New Business Development Representative
  • Nestor Taylor
    New Business Development Representative
  • Alejandro Pastor
    New Business Development Representative
  • Asher Howell
    New Business Development Representative

Team Operations

  • Ryan Natusch
    Equipment Manager

Staff Photographers