A-Z Guide

Get to know the dos and don'ts of Allianz Field.


All properly identified guide, signal and service animals are welcome within the gates of Allianz Field. All other animals are prohibited from the interior of the stadium.


There are two (2) ATMs provided by Bell Bank located along the main concourse of Allianz Field. One is located inside the Bell Bank Southwest Entry and the second is located inside the Northwest Entry.

 Baby Changing Stations

Baby changing stations can be found in all restrooms within Allianz Field.

 Bag Searches

All guests will be subject to a search of their person and possessions prior to entering Allianz Field. Guests should be prepared to open their bags for inspection upon direction by security staff. Guests may be asked to move/remove items from their bags in order to complete a full inspection. All bags brought into Allianz Field must be compliant with the clear bag policy.

 Balloons & Other Inflatables

Balloons and other inflatable objects are not permitted inside of Allianz Field.


Binoculars are allowed inside Allianz Field, however they must be brought into the stadium in compliance with the clear bag policy. They must not be in their own case that exceeds the permissible size for non-clear bags.

 Broadcast Info

Minnesota United has partnered with FOX Sports North, FOX Sports North+, FS1 and SKOR North to broadcast its games during the 2019 Major League Soccer season. Fans will be able to watch all non-nationally broadcast MNUFC games on the FOX Sports North family, and can listen to every game simulcast on SKOR North. Minnesota United will have six nationally broadcast games this season. Listed below are the dates, opponents and broadcast information for those games:

  • 4/13, 4:00 p.m. - MNUFC vs. NYCFC @Allianz Field: ESPN 2, SKOR North
  • 4/28, 12:30 p.m. - MNUFC vs. D.C. United @Allianz Field: FS1, SKOR North
  • 6/29, 3:00 p.m. - MNUFC vs. FC Cincinnati @Allianz Field: ESPN, SKOR North
  • 8/04, 3:00 p.m. - MNUFC vs. Portland Timbers @ Allianz Field: ESPN, SKOR North
  • 8/22, 8:30 p.m. - MNUFC vs. Sporting Kansas City @ Children’s Mercy Park: ESPN, SKOR North
  • 9/22, 3:00 p.m. - MNUFC vs. Portland Timbers @ Providence Park: ESPN, SKOR North Camera Policy
 Child Identification Wristbands

In order to help keep families together, guests may pick up wristbands for their children at the Guest Services Booth that indicate their seat location. The Guest Services Booth is located behind section 8 on the main concourse.

 Camera Policy

Fans are welcome to bring any non-flash, still cameras into Allianz Field to take pictures of the game or of the facility itself. Cameras must have a lens that is less than 6 inches in length. Video cameras, tripods, monopods and selfie sticks are prohibited. All cameras are subject to search and all camera cases are subject to the Clear Bag Policy standards.


Costumes are permitted, but masks or facial coverings must be removed during the security screening process, on the concourse and at all concession/retail locations. Masks or facial coverings may only be worn within the stadium bowl in the ticketed seating area as long as they do not create a distraction for other fans. Costumes with sharp edges or tips, including all metal or hard plastic costume accessories and props are not allowed. Additionally, costumes are subject to further security screening. MNUFC reserves the right to ask anyone to remove their mask or costume due to stadium security measures.


Allianz Field is located in the Midway neighborhood of Saint Paul, just off of Interstate 94 and Snelling Avenue.

Directions from:

From the west:
Take Interstate 94 East to Snelling Avenue. Proceed north on Snelling Avenue and Allianz Field will be on your right.

From the north:
Take either Interstate 35W or 35E south to Interstate 94. If coming from Interstate 35E, take Interstate 94 West to the Snelling Avenue exit. Proceed north on Snelling Avenue and Allianz Field will be on your right. If coming from Interstate 35W, take Interstate 94 East to the Snelling Avenue exit. Proceed north on Snelling Avenue and Allianz Field will be on your right.

From the east:
Take Interstate 94 West to Snelling Avenue. Proceed north on Snelling Avenue and Allianz Field will be on your right.

From the south:
Take either Interstate 35W or 35E north to Interstate 94. If coming from Interstate 35E, take Interstate 94 West to the Snelling Avenue exit. Proceed north on Snelling Avenue and Allianz Field will be on your right. If coming from Interstate 35W, take Interstate 94 East to the Snelling Avenue exit. Proceed north on Snelling Avenue and Allianz Field will be on your right.

 Donation Requests

All requests must be submitted through the team’s donation request form.

 Dress Code

To ensure the safety and security of all fans at Allianz Field, MNUFC reserves the right to ask anyone with clothing deemed to be derogatory, profane or offensive to either remove the item or cover up the item prior to being permitted entry into or while inside the venue. Those who refuse to abide by this policy will be denied entry or removed from Allianz Field.


For the safety of all guests and staff, all drones and unmanned aerial vehicles are prohibited at Allianz Field without prior written consent from Minnesota United FC and Allianz Field.

 Ejection Policy

Fans that refuse to follow the direction of Stadium Staff or designated security, or fail to comply with the Fan Code of Conduct may be subject to ejection without refund, revocation of season tickets and may be in violation of city ordinances, resulting in possible arrest and prosecution.

 Emergency & Evacuation Procedures

Please report an emergency to the nearest staff representative.

Be prepared in the event of an emergency. Please make yourself familiar with the closest exit or emergency exit in your area. In the event you are separated in an evacuation, parties should pre-designate a meeting location outside the stadium. If you have any question about the nearest exit locations, please ask one of the many Guest Experience Staff for assistance. Always remember to remain calm and follow the instructions of the staff and public address announcements. For everyone’s safety please evacuate your area in an orderly manner.

 Fan Feedback

For further information regarding a Minnesota United gameday, please email

 Fan Mail

All fan mail should be sent to 4150 Olson Memorial Highway, Golden Valley MN, 55422.

 Field Trespassing

Fans are reminded that attempting to enter or access the playing field without the proper credentials is grounds for immediate ejection and/or arrest and may be considered trespassing.

 First Aid

The First Aid Room is located on the concourse behind section 25. Additionally, first aid teams can be found throughout the concourse. A Wellness Room can be found on the concourse behind section 19.

 Lost & Found

All items should be brought to the Guest Services Booth behind section 8 on the main concourse. These items will be held at the Guest Services Booth until the end of the game. Upon the completion of the game, all items will be logged and stored for 30 days at 24/7 Security Control. After 30 days, all items will be donated or disposed of.

On Event Day:
Lost and found is located at the Guest Services Booth in the Northeast corner of the stadium. Items that have been found can be brought to the Guest Services Booth or given to an MNUFC staff member.

Non-Event Days:
Any unclaimed items remaining after the conclusion of an Allianz Field event will be placed at the 24-Hour Security Control at Allianz Field. Please contact the Allianz Field Security Control office directly at 612.928.2400 for more information.

Any unclaimed items remaining after the conclusion of the season will be donated or properly disposed of.

 Lost Children & Fans

Children and/or fans who are separated from their family or friends will be escorted by a stadium staff member to the Guest Services Booth (located on the concourse by Section 8).


Fans should keep an eye out for PK roaming around Allianz Field at all home games. Stop him for a picture if you see him!

 Media Entry

The Media Entrance is located at the southwest corner of Allianz Field. Only those with proper credentials will be permitted to enter through the Media Entrance.

 Metal Detection

All persons entering Allianz Field will have their bags searched and will be escorted through a magnetometer or will be screened using hand held metal detectors. Those that have medical conditions that keep them from going through magnetometers will be screened through an alternative process.


Noisemakers are not permitted within the general seating areas of Allianz Field. For information regarding supporter privileges please refer to the section on Supporter Groups.

 Prohibited Items

Prohibited items must be returned to vehicles or disposed of before entering the stadium. There are no provisions to check items at the gates and items abandoned outside the gates will be confiscated.

The following is a list of items that are prohibited in Allianz Field:

  • Aerosol cans
  • Alcohol
  • Animals (except service animals)
  • Backpacks, luggage, grocery bags, duffel bags, large bags, large purses or large camera cases. (View Bag Policy)
  • Balloons
  • Balls (soccer balls, beach balls, footballs, baseballs, etc.)
  • Banners (see Supporter Section Policy)
  • Beverages, beverage containers or liquids (in cans, bottles or boxes)
  • Camcorders and tripods
  • Cameras with lenses over six inches long
  • Empty cans, bottles or thermoses
  • Chairbacks
  • Confetti and streamers
  • Coolers of any kind, including small soft pack coolers
  • Fireworks
  • Food
  • Illegal drugs
  • Laptops, iPads, tablets or other large electronic devices
  • Laser pointers
  • Markers (permanent) and/or paint
  • Noisemaking devices (see Supporter Section Policy)
  • Objects that can be used as projectiles (sticks, bats, clubs, poles, Frisbees, etc.)
  • Sticks or flag poles (see Supporter Section Policy)
  • Selfie sticks
  • Tobacco products
  • Umbrellas
  • Video cameras
  • Weapons

*Other items that may risk the safety or viewing/listening enjoyment of the guests may be prohibited.

 Radio Broadcast

MNUFC games are simulcast on SKOR North.

 Re-Entry Policy

In accordance with MLS, Minnesota United and Allianz Field security, patrons may not exit and re-enter Allianz Field using the same ticket.


Public restrooms are located along the main concourse of Allianz Field and are all ADA accessible. ADA-accessible family restrooms can be found behind sections 9, 19, 25, 30 and 36.

 Roster Cards

Roster cards will be distributed before the game at all gates. There are a limited number of roster cards so be sure to arrive early to get yours!

 Seat Cushions

Seat cushions are permitted within Allianz Field. However, seat cushions must not exceed 1” in thickness and cannot have a chair back, pockets, or pouches.

 Smoking/Vapor Policy

Tobacco use of any kind is not permitted within the perimeter of Allianz Field at any time before, during or after the game. In addition to tobacco products, the use of e-cigarettes and vaporizers on the premises is prohibited.

 Stadium Map


While Allianz Field welcomes fans with strollers, all strollers must be checked at the Guest Services Booth located on the concourse behind section 8 upon arrival. Premium ticket holders with strollers must check them in at their respective concierge desk.

 Supporters Groups

There are several different supporter groups that attend MNUFC games and take advantage of the safe standing sections on the south end of Allianz Field. Some of these supporter groups have special privileges that allow them to bring in noisemakers, flags and banners. All of the previously listed items must be pre-approved and may not leave sections 20–24. All pre-approved prohibited items must be brought in through the Bell Bank Southwest Entry.

Banners, Flags, and Signs:

  • All banners, flags and signs must be pre-approved by MNUFC.
  • Banners, flags and signs are permitted and encouraged within the Supporters Sections (Sec. 20–24) of the stadium, provided they comply with the following requirements:
    • All banners, flags and signs are subject for inspection before entry to the stadium to ensure there are no safety concerns and comply with the below requirements.
    • Banners must be event-related and may not be commercial or political in nature; banners may not include advertisements, logos or political endorsements/slogans.
    • Banners may not contain images, words or other information that is (or could be construed as being) derogatory, obscene, profane, indecent, vulgar, offensive, graphic, dangerous, inappropriate, objectionable or in “poor taste.”
    • Banners may not interfere with the view or enjoyment of others and are not allowed to block the view of multiple seats.
    • Banners may not block concourse areas or stairways within the seating bowl.
    • Banners may not be constructed of wood, metal or any other material that could cause harm to others.
    • Banners (or parts thereof) may not be used as projectiles.

Banners may be hung only with the permission of club and stadium management. If approved, banners may be hung only with rope, string or plastic ties and may not block any existing signage or vents, or damage any stadium walls, paint, railings, glass, etc.

Noisemaking Devices:

  • Musical instruments or any types of noisemaking devices used in the Supporters Sections must be pre-approved by Minnesota United or are otherwise not permitted inside Allianz Field. This includes, but is not limited to, items such as whistles, musical instruments, vuvuzelas, air horns, speakers, megaphones and other electronic sound devices.
  • Once approved, noisemaking devices may only be used in the Supporter Sections (Sec. 20–24) of the stadium.
  • Noisemakers that are not pre-approved and/or are used outside of the designated areas will be confiscated.
  • All megaphones being used must be pointed away from the field of play at all times.

Sticks and Flag Poles:

  • All flag poles or banners on poles must be constructed of hollow PVC pipe.
  • Poles are not to be used as projectiles or in any sort of fashion that may endanger fans, players or staff.

Allianz Field and Minnesota United FC are committed to creating a sustainable and environmentally conscientious facility. A three bag system will be used to limit the amount of waste produced at Allianz Field. On gamedays, please help us by sorting your waste into the organics, recycling or trash receptacles.


Umbrellas are prohibited from Allianz Field. Those that bring them to the gate will be asked to return them to their vehicles.


A limited number of wheelchairs are available at each gate to assist in getting guests to and from the gates to their seating area. If assistance is needed, guests should request wheelchair assistance from the closest guest experience staff representative when they arrive at the stadium via any entry gate. Wheelchair assistance is limited to getting to and from seating sections and for emergency assistance. If a guest wishes to have a wheelchair for general use while visiting Allianz Field, they will need to arrange to bring their own wheelchair to the stadium.


WiFi is available to fans throughout Allianz Field. Log on to #AtomicData AllianzField FanWiFi for access to the internet.