Wanted: Food Vendors

When Allianz Field opens in 2019, Minnesota United will be aiming to create the premier gameday experience for fans of soccer in the Twin Cities and beyond. Knowing that concessions are a huge part of that experience, MNUFC has partnered with Delaware North — the company responsible for food and beverage at both Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport and Target Field — to ensure that everyone attending a game will have a satisfying and professional experience when it comes to enjoying the food and beverage on offer.

Food Vendor Fair Registration Form

But there’s more to it than that. In addition to the foods that everyone expects at a sporting event, from hot dogs to french fries to pretzels and more, Minnesota United and Delaware North want to provide foods that express the rich cultural diversity of the local community and of soccer itself. These offerings will be delivered both through fixed concession stands and portable food carts, located both within the stadium and on the plaza and lawn area outside. The unique elements of a soccer game — two 45-minute halves with continuous action and a single 15-minute halftime break — will present unique challenges when it comes to food preparation and service at Allianz Field.

In order to provide the best possible fan experience within these constraints, Delaware North is seeking to connect with potential partners from the local community to supplement its own offerings at the stadium. Falling under the umbrella of “street food” and tapping into the culture of food trucks, these opportunities could fall into several categories:

  • Ingredient or recipe models that use established local products or incorporate ingredients and recipes from area restaurants and vendors into concession stands or portables
  • Operation of heavily-branded locations within the stadium by area restaurants or vendors (either alone or in partnership with Delaware North)
  • Sublet opportunities involving fixed stands or portables
  • Opportunities for local food truck partners
  • Celebrity chef programs for selected areas and events

Delaware North will be holding a vendor information meeting to explain the various aspects of potential partnerships for food services at Allianz Field. This will include the following:

  • An overview of the planned food program, the facility and its resources
  • Key data regarding types of events, their frequency and estimated attendance
  • Information on what is being sought from potential partners and vendors
  • The basic terms and conditions required of any potential partner or vendor
  • The process for expressing interest
  • The timeline for final decisions on the 2019 program

Attendance at this meeting is limited to prospective food service partners. As part of considering participation in the food service program, please note that any partner selected will have certain financial obligations, as well as: working within typical food service-related regulations; providing appropriate insurance coverage; and adhering to applicable labor laws.  

The meeting will be held from 4:00 to 6:00 p.m. on Oct. 3 at the Midpointe Event Center, 415 Pascal St. N., St. Paul, which is adjacent to Allianz Field.

Food Vendor Fair Registration Form

Thank you for your interest in the food program at Allianz Field. Applications will be reviewed by Eric Sampson, General Manager Delaware North at Allianz Field.