Kyndra Meets Isaiah

Between learning to play the guitar, throwing touchdowns in Madden 2018 and following the World Cup, Isaiah has a lot to keep him busy as he awaits the moment he’ll be able to play football again for his high school team.

The young Minnesota United fan has three more weeks of recovery from his second leg amputation surgery. MNUFC analyst Kyndra de St. Aubin delivered a care package from the club on June 28 and the 16-year-old from Northeast Minneapolis wore his brand-new Minnesota United scarf throughout the visit as de St. Aubin talked soccer with him.

His pick for the World Cup is Belgium and he and de St. Aubin talked about the two MNUFC matches he attended earlier this season before his most recent surgery. He picks Ronaldo over Messi for best in the world right now and prefers chocolate ice cream to vanilla. His mother started Titus Ministries, a non-profit organization that takes donated items and distributes them to families in need in the Twin Cities, and she worked to instill in her youngest child the kind of values that have allowed him to impact the community in positive ways. Isaiah learned the value in giving to those in need after hearing a childhood story from his mother about how a friend’s mother offered to wash her winter coat when it was run down and dirty.

"This is the best part of my job: meeting people like Isaiah,” said de St. Aubin. “Despite everything he's been through, he has a glow about him. His smile lights up a room and his energy is so incredibly positive and upbeat. He doesn't wallow in his situation, instead he immediately told me he played football last year and had 11 sacks! Isaiah was the bright spot in my day and I can't wait to have him out to another MNUFC match.”

One of his many goals is learning to play “Wonderwall” by Oasis on the guitar. Sounds like a perfect choice for any Minnesota United fan.