Get to Know: MNUFC eMLS Team

Andrew Gallo (left)
Gamertag: TheLastCaptainX
Hometown: St. Louis Park, MN

How did you get into FIFA?

I started playing FIFA in, I want to say, 2010. And I actually played [soccer] for Saint Louis Park, just down the road. I think it was my freshman year, we actually were in the state championship. I didn’t get to play that much, but I was on the bench, and that was pretty cool. That was kind of the one sport Saint Louis Park was good at the time, so I played that over football. It was kind of at the same time the World Cup was that year.”

What’s your go-to strategy in the game?

Counterattacking. I’ll get the pace going on the wings, and kind of just counterattack. Just boot it up field, hope that someone gets there. I really do like having strong center backs, and goalkeepers. So I kind of focus on that triangle. And then I’ll focus on the wings. And then go to the striker, and then work my way back. So a good, strong core.


Jay Adams (middle)
Hometown: Superior, WI

How did you get into FIFA?

I grew up playing soccer. I’m a big guy, so it was football, basketball growing up. But I always played random club leagues and stuff with my friends. 2006 FIFA World Cup, that’s when I got into FIFA because there was a FIFA edition for the World Cup. It was amazing, it was in Germany. I had so much fun watching on TV, and then being a really big nerd, going home and playing it. I kind of talked all of my buddies into to stop playing Madden and get on FIFA with me.

What’s your go-to strategy in the game?

You know, I’m definitely about pressuring people. I feel like that’s why I like playing against real players, because I capitalize on their mistakes. And usually I can let them think they’re going to go down one way, but all I’m doing is waiting for my guys to go down the back door. I’m definitely a counterattacker, pressure guy.


Elias Baca (right)
Gamertag: Pacify X
Hometown: Richfield, MN

How did you get into FIFA?

I was born with a soccer ball. My dad, in Honduras, was close to playing professional, and an injury kept him out of it. So, he wanted me to play professionally also, but an injury kept me out my whole senior year in high school. The spotter that was supposed to come see me, couldn’t, because I couldn’t play.

What’s your go-to strategy in the game?

It really depends on how the other guy plays. So if I saw the guy playing dirty, I’ll match his play style. If I see the guy playing fair, that he plays possession, I’ll play possession. I could do either one. Possession, I could park the bus, counterattack, you know. [When I’m building my team] I try to look for players that, I would say, [were] overpowered last year. So what overpowered is, is players that have a lower rating, but perform really good in the game. So for example, last year, a goalie named Butland, you just couldn’t score on the guy, somehow — and he was only rated 82. Meanwhile, an 89 goalie, he just lets it in.