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Storylines | Welcome, Chef Ramsay. Let's Cook.


Storylines is back, y’all, and ready to speak on a topic that all Loons fans have been craving to hear news about since the offseason: a full-time head coach! In the end, I do believe this extended search for the club’s next manager was indeed time well spent based on the quality of the candidate they would ultimately hire. And, with Eric Ramsay, it feels like the Loons have brought in a coach of the highest quality.

This past Wednesday, Minnesota United introduced the new head man, and while I may be just a tad biased, I was impressed with the former Manchester United assistant, not only because of his experience while coaching at a club that’s practically an English football institution. For me, it’s all about how he responded to some of the questions that were bound to be asked during his introductory press conference. He sounded like a man that is wise beyond his years and has a great sense for the ingredients needed to taste the kind of success Loons fans are hoping to enjoy for years to come.

At 32-years old, Ramsay is the youngest coach in Major League Soccer, which some fans may have their doubts about. To be fair, though, there’s only one person’s doubts that matter in this scenario, and it’s those of the Loons new head coach. And, fortunately for all players and fans, Ramsay has little in the way of doubts about his abilities to figure out the recipe for success for this club.

When asked about his youth and the challenges he may encounter with his first head coaching gig, Ramsay was quite clear when it comes to his self confidence, saying, “well, if I didn’t feel I could do the job, I wouldn’t have moved my family and I halfway around the world.” Obviously, a certainty in one’s ability to succeed as a head coach is important to any club, but for Ramsay it’s probably even more so. As he told reporters during his presser, he has ten years of experience coaching at some of the highest levels of English football, paying his dues to earn the opportunity. For what it’s worth, I like that this gaffer believes he can be a leader of men, regardless of age.

I also liked to hear that he believes that this opportunity with Minnesota United was the one that had all the ingredients he wanted as he took that big leap to the role of head coach.. But, as he would go on to say about constructing his own staff, Chef…I mean, Coach Ramsay, gives the impression that his confidence in himself shouldn’t be misconstrued as ego, because he knows there will be plenty of times when he’ll need the input and wisdom of seasoned coaches, as well as those with more intimate knowledge of the flavor palette that this current roster has at its disposal. And, that’s what Ramsay believes he has with newly-hired assistants Dennis Lawrence and Cameron Knowles, respectively.

After running the last two training sessions with the first team, Ramsay said that he already has a taste for the talent on this team, and that he can smeeeeelll what the 2024 Loons are cooking! Ok, I might be paraphrasing a bit there, but the point is that Eric Ramsay had been approached by other teams to lead them, but Minnesota United was specifically the job he wanted. From the Academy up to the first team, he sees the potential that this Loons squad has already flashed early in the season. With Ramsay now in the fold, let’s hope the Black and Blue are just getting warmed up.

So, I think I can speak for the Legion of Loons when I say “welcome” Chef Ramsay. We can’t wait to watch you cook. 🔥

Match Details:

Minnesota United FC vs. Los Angeles FC

Allianz Field | Saint Paul, Minnesota

03.17.2024 | MLS Matchday No. 5 | MLS Game 4

7:30 p.m. CT (Watch FREE on AppleTV’s MLS Season Pass)