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Allianz Field is the new kid on the block when it comes to Midway, but the area around Snelling and University Avenues and the surrounding neighborhoods have a rich history and a diverse population with many local businesses to support. Now more than ever it’s important to stand with our neighbors and do what we can to patronize their establishments. Plus it’s a nice change of pace from all those French bread pizzas you’ve been eating.

We put together a quick baker’s dozen of places you can get takeout or delivery from right now. While Governor Walz’s Stay at Home order allows for restaurants to continue to offer takeout and delivery, it’s always best to check with the restaurant or your delivery service to make sure it’s available.

We know there are more hidden gems out there around Allianz Field, so if you have any others to contribute, put them in the comments below.

1. BlackStack Brewing
Located just up University Ave from Allianz Field on Prior Ave, BlackStack Brewing delivers outstanding, intentionally crafted beer using quality ingredients, and also serves TrueStone coffee. Founded by Scott Johnson and his family, the brewery prides itself on a collaborative approach to brewing. The real-time updated menu, with ordering instructions, can be found in the button below.

BlackStack Brewing

2. Black Sea
Black Sea is a family-owned restaurant offering traditional Turkish & Mediterranean cuisine in an authentic atmosphere less than a mile up Snelling from Allianz Field. A great option for kebabs, falafel, doner and vegetarian specialties like stuffed grape leaves and fried eggplant.

Black Sea

3. Bolé Ethiopian Cuisine
Named after the neighborhood in Addis Ababa where its founders were born, Bolé can provide you with mouthwatering tibs and kitfo for dinner. Ethiopian food is rich with stews and grilled food served with spongy injera bread — a favorite of Loons midfielder Hassani Dotson. No matter what you’re craving – mild or spicy, sweet or savory, light or heavy, vegetarian or loaded with meat – the chefs will prepare your entrée with the finest ingredients and have you covered.

Bolé Ethiopian Cuisine

4. Checkerboard Pizza
A staple of old-school Midway — and anyone who played shows at the nearby Turf Club before the Turf had their own food — Checkerboard Pizza is a classic neighborhood pizza joint. In addition to traditional pizza, Checkerboard has subs, pasta, wings and salad.

Checkerboard Pizza

5. Chocolat Celeste
Stop in for a box of artisanal, handcrafted chocolates. Chocolat Celeste offers a sweet selection of flavors – from Irish Cream to Ginger Citrus – available curbside. You must order via Curbside Chocolates online. Join the craft chocolate movement and satisfy your sweet tooth with a box of freshly made chocolates.

Chocolat Celeste

6. Eureka Compass Vegan Food
The need for vegan food in the Midway community was answered when Eureka Compass Vegan Food put down roots on Aldine St. Follow along on social media for order instructions and excite your taste buds with scratch-made vegan food. The menu is always changing and a recipe has never been repeated. Owner Colin Anderson has cooked up over 3,300 dishes to date.

Eureka Compass Vegan Food

7. Firebox BBQ
A new offshoot of the original on Lyndale in Minneapolis, Firebox serves up heaping helpings of traditional barbecue favorites including brisket, pork ribs and whole chicken wings plus sides like mac-n-cheese, coleslaw, sticky rice and sweet potatoes. Place your order over the phone and they can hook you up with curbside pickup when you arrive.

Firebox BBQ

8. Ginkgo Coffeehouse
A mainstay in the Midway community, Ginkgo Coffeehouse is in the heart of the neighborhood. With an “everyone is welcome” philosophy, Ginkgo offers affordable food and drink options along with live music and special events. During this time of temporary adjustments, the store is open for takeout or curbside delivery only. 

9. Golden Gate Café
Located at the northeast corner of the same superblock as Allianz Field, Golden Gate Café can keep you stocked with the cream cheese won tons, fried rice and sweet and sour chicken you need to switch up your home-cooked menu. Give them a call at 651.646.1091 or look them up on DoorDash.

10. J J Fish and Chicken
If you like your fried chicken and fish without filler or fluff, J J is the spot for it. Catfish, whitefish, oysters, shrimp and all things chicken from wings to tenders to gizzards are available for takeout from their location on University Ave or delivery through a variety of services. Check the menu below.

J J Fish and Chicken

11. On’s Thai Kitchen
On’s Thai Kitchen has been dishing up delicious Thai food for Midway denizens for nearly a decade, combining traditional favorites like pad thai and green and red curries with more adventurous fare like crispy tilapia with garlic and pepper and ka-praow-pla (fish bladder! quail eggs!). Online ordering is easy, just use the link below.

On's Thai Kitchen

12. The Naughty Greek
With fresh produce, local meats and ingredients delivered directly from Greece, The Naughty Greek’s innovative and traditional recipes will fulfill your craving. With each dish made to order, there is something for everyone at the table.

13. Zait & Za’atar
Slightly off the beaten path on Selby Ave near Ayd Mill Rd, the outwardly unassuming Zait & Za’atar offers delicious shawarma, falafel and other Middle Eastern bites for takeout. You can find the menu — including less familiar dishes like kushari (rice, macaroni, chickpeas, lentils and fried onions topped with red sauce) — below.

Zait Za'atar

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