A Dotson In The Rough


Storylines is back and…everything is fine. Seriously, you guys…Storylines is fine. How about you? Alright, alright, maybe things aren’t that fine. You could even say things haven’t been great, per se. 

There’s no need to patronize here…the boys in Black and Blue are going through a rough patch in their season, and the timing couldn’t be less ideal. While a playoff berth is still possible, the need to snap out of this late-season funk now feels like it’s reached peak urgency for the Loons with only three more games left on the schedule. And, as if the plot couldn’t be thickened any more, MNUFC will be short on rest for a big test on Wednesday night against the reigning MLS champs LAFC at BMO Stadium. 

*Pause for long, drawn out sigh*

All that said, our rough stretch has taken the right kind of attention away from a member of this squad that, in spite of recent results, has been playing at a high level. So, in times like these, it’s still important to give credit where it’s due, and I do believe we need to put some praise on Hassani Dotson’s name. 

The 26-year old fan-favorite has been an absolute workhorse from the Loons, and his grind has not been confined to one specific third when he’s on the pitch…but that’s because Hassani Dotson is literally everywhere on the pitch. In contrast to a player like Teemu Pukki, who was acquired because of his more defined role as a true striker, Dotson functions like a Swiss Army Knife within the lineup, and it’s something that has proven to be incredibly valuable to the Loons. 

If you want to get a quick appraisal on just how valuable Dotson is to the squad, look no further than the ‘Club Leaders’ stats for the 2023 season…here, I’ll even save you the trip:

  • Assists: First (4)
  • Shots On Target: Fourth (13)
  • Tackles Won: Fourth (32)
  • Interceptions: Third (31)  

Coach Adrian Heath is plenty aware of just how vital Dotson is to the Loons’ hopes of regaining some sense of success, as the midfielder (and etc.) has worked his way back to being an everyday starter. The last time Hassani Dotson was subbed off the pitch at all? That would be on August 8th in MNUFC’s Leagues Cup matchup with Toluca. 

Having a player that can go end-to-end with the endurance to consistently play the full 90 is a true asset to the Loons. And, when you take into consideration that the same player missed much of the 2022 season after a season-ending ACL tear, it only makes Hassani Dotson’s run of form now, and throughout the duration of the 2023 season, even more impressive. 

Hopefully, he can help to leave a positive impression on the Loons playoff chances on Wednesday evening against the champs.



10.04.2023 | Kickoff: 9:30 p.m. CT | MLS Matchday No. 36 

BMO Stadium | Los Angeles, CA

Watch: AppleTV - MLS Season Pass, 1500 ESPN