Welcome to Our Oasis

It’s gameday. You arrive to the stadium just on time, hurrying in to make sure you don’t miss kickoff. The teams have taken the field, but it’s not the players that grab your attention.

At the opposite end of the stadium, smoke rises into a crowd packed with waving flags, scarves and a mass of people, all of whom are on their feet. In unison, the smoke-veiled wall of fans calls out, “UNIIIITED,” then waits as the other sections respond in kind.

Welcome to Allianz Field, our oasis. Welcome to the Wonderwall.

Located at the southern end of the stadium, the Wonderwall is MNUFC’s Supporters’ Section. Our home matches always have an electric atmosphere, and this is where the sparks come from. While all three of the club’s official Supporters’ Groups make up a good portion of this section, all fans are welcome to grab a spot in the Wonderwall to experience the best that Allianz Field has to offer.


First time? No problem! We’ve put together some FAQs to help you prepare.

Is this section just for people in Supporters’ Groups?
No! The Wonderwall is open for all fans, whether they’re affiliated with a Supporters’ Group or not.

Are families welcome in the Supporters Section?
Absolutely! On any given gameday, you will find a number of families with children enjoying the action from the Wonderwall. It is certainly a rowdy atmosphere that includes chanting, flag-waving, smoke and, let’s be honest, some alcohol consumption. As always, parents should decide what gameday experience is right for their family. But the awesome fans in the Supporters' Section are welcoming to families of all ages and work hard to create a fun, one-of-a-kind experience for all.

How does the GA thing work?
The Wonderwall is standing room only. That means no seats whatsoever! On top of that, there are no assigned spots. Supporters’ Groups tend to stick together, but they’re welcoming and willing to share the space.

What if I don't know the words to the chants?
No sweat, you don’t have to do any homework to have fun. Follow along with the ribbon boards in the stadium or with the closed caption feature in the MNUFC app. Most of the chants are pretty easy to learn, and they’re often repeated throughout the game. If you want to know them beforehand, feel free to check out the Supporters’ Group website that is linked at the bottom of this page.

What about all of the smoke, flags, and drums?
When in the Wonderwall, you should absolutely expect a great deal of chanting, flag-waving and drum-playing, along with the classic smoke celebration when the Loons score a goal. That’s all part of the experience, after all! Those elements generally won’t impact your ability to enjoy the match, and if in doubt, you can always select a spot along the sides of the section to enjoy all the rowdiness without being directly in the heart of the flag-waving.

What should I wear in the Supporters Section?

Loons gear, of course. Beyond the standard Black & Blue MNUFC garb, you'll find many Supporters donning custom swag from their respective SGs. The one hard-and-fast rule of Supporters' Section attire is that absolutely no marks or colors of the opposing team are allowed in the section. Doesn't matter if you're Matthew McConaughey; if you show up in the Wonderwall wearing a bright green suit when we're playing Austin FC, you'll kindly be asked to find a better-looking jacket or a different location from which to enjoy the match.

Don’t worry, the Supporters’ Groups don’t bite; the worst you can expect is some passionate high-fives, the occasional hug after a last-minute goal and some smoke or flags occasionally passing in front of you. If you’re lucky, you might even be offered a flag to wave. As previously stated, you don’t have to join a Supporters’ Group to watch the game from the Wonderwall, although you may want to after trying it out for a few games. We want everyone to have a chance to join this section because we truly believe that it’s unlike anything else our league has to offer.

Three Ways to Enjoy the Wonderwall
Three Ways to Enjoy the Wonderwall
Season Tickets

Season Tickets

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Single-Game Tickets

Single-Game Tickets

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Join a Supporters Group

Join a Supporters Group

Join a group of like-minded Loons fans and take your fandom to the next level.