A Look Back at Minnesota United’s Jerseys

Before we get to revealing our new kit for 2021, we’re taking a look back at previous jerseys and their evolution over the past four years.


Minnesota United officially joined MLS and revealed both their first and second kits. Both kits included the loon badge the team adopted in 2013, along with the blue and grey colors which symbolize the Mississippi River and Minnesota’s Iron Range. With Target as the official kit sponsor, the kits sported the company’s trademark bullseye on the front.

While the second kit was a mostly white jersey with blue and grey accents, the first kit was majority grey with a blue diagonal stripe starting from the left shoulder and going all the way across the jersey, like a sash. It was a clean, uncomplicated look for the club’s inaugural season.


Not only would 2018 bring a new kit for Minnesota, but it would bring a wider range of jersey options. Fans would now be able to customize jerseys, purchase a women’s jersey if desired and pick between short-sleeved and long-sleeved options.

With the grey kit from 2017 retiring, this jersey was a darker grey jersey with lighter grey, vertical stripes. The jersey included a loon on the back of the jersey near the neckline and a red button at the neck, symbolizing the red eye of the loon. The final addition would be the MLS logo on the left shoulder of the jersey.


In 2019, the white kit from 2017 was replaced by the Drift Kit. This modern style jersey was all white, representing the wind and snow that accumulates in Minnesota, and accented with touches of blue at the neckline, at the end of the sleeves and on the adidas stripes down the sides. This was the first MNUFC kit to feature an embossed “MNUFC” on the bottom left of the jersey and the year of release on the bottom right.


Last season, Minnesota United brought back a remix of the fan-favorite Wing Kit. This new dark jersey would be all grey with a loon’s wing in darker grey on the front of the jersey. The only blue on the jersey was the blue on the inside of the jersey at the bottom hem. The loon from the crest stayed on the back of the collar near the neck, but this time as a 3D transfer. One of the smallest new details on the jersey was the inclusion of club slogan “Forever United” on the inside neck tape.

Minnesota United Jerseys

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2017 Primary Jersey (Inaugural Gray)
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2017 Secondary Jersey (Inaugural White)
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2018 Jersey (Loon Gray)
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2019 Jersey (Drift Kit)
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2020 Jersey (Wing Kit)