PTFE and Steel Beams at Allianz Field

Reduced and Recycled Steel at Allianz Field

On some level, there’s no getting around the massive amount of material required to build a structure as large as Allianz Field. But within those constraints, stadium designer Populous, the construction company Mortenson and Minnesota United have done everything they can to ensure responsible use of steel — both new and recycled — at Allianz Field.

To begin with, the building was designed to be as open as possible, with its walls mostly composed of the PTFE fabric that wraps around the structural steel. This allowed steel overall to be conserved while still maintaining the strength and integrity of the building, reducing the total amount of steel needed by 100 tons.

The steel that was used was sourced primarily from three companies: US Steel, Steel Dynamics and Nucor. Depending on the product, these companies’ steel can approach 95% recycled material from a combination of post-consumer and pre-consumer material. Additionally, all the companies source at least 99% of their ferrous scrap from domestic sources within 500 miles of their plants.

The end result is a building that is both visually appealing and responsibly designed — a testament to what’s achievable when environmental concerns drive ideas forward instead of being seen as an impediment.