Miguel goal vs. RSL

In the Moment: Miguel Ibarra

A lot goes down on the pitch in any given match. For In the Moment, we talk to a player about a specific play from last week’s match, letting them give an inside view of the play as it developed.

This week, we talked to Miguel Ibarra about the cheeky chip over Real Salt Lake goalkeeper Nick Rimando that drew the Loons level in Utah in the 84th minute.

Miguel Ibarra: I just thought that the ball was going to fall right into Boxy right here. I thought he was going to hit it in, but then I saw he gave it to Darwin.

I had to make sure I was in line, so I tried to give a step and then go. As soon as I got the ball, I was surprised I was wide open with no one on me. I saw Nick Rimando coming at me at 100 miles per hour, so my instinct was just to chip him over.

He kind of covered every angle. My only option was to lift it up over him.

You always have to make sure you are on line. If everybody is pushed up, you just try to stay in line with the other defenders. My instinct was just to finish, whether you are on or off. You never know if they missed a call or you are actually on, so you always have to make sure you finish the play.