Nicholson Post Goal Celebration vs. Chicago

In the Moment: Sam Nicholson

A lot goes down on the pitch in any given match. Each week, we’ll be talking to one player about one specific play from last week’s match and letting them give an inside view of the play as it developed.

This week, Sam Nicholson takes a look at his match-winning header from last week against the Chicago Fire.

Sam Nicholson: As the ball is going in to Christian [Ramirez], I just thought, make a run in behind because we’ve been working hard doing that. As Christian, or whoever the striker is, comes to hold it, we’ve been working on the wingers and the number 10 running in behind.

As [Miguel Ibarra]’s turned, I’m thinking, if he plays this decent, I’ve got to get on the back post. Or at least in between the goal posts. Because I usually get shouted at for not doing that.

I just knew, as soon as [Ethan Finlay] took another touch there, I knew that his next one’s going in between the goalkeeper and the penalty spot. And I’ve sort of tried to run closer that way to drag him with me and then check off. But I know Ethan’s got that ability to pick me out. What a ball. What a ball that is.

When I’ve ran like that, I’ve sort of tried to run on his shoulder, so he can’t see me. When they can’t see you, they sort of, they worry about it. So then they protect the area where they don’t want it to go. That’s why I’ve moved there, and then checked, because that’s the one area that he doesn’t want it to go in. So I think if I go on his shoulder, as soon as he turns like that, I’ve got a chance to get onto.

I’m never usually good with my head. I’ve got a head like a coin. It just bounces off of it and goes away usually.

[Celebrating]’s good. It’s not good when a couple of them are punching you in the stomach. I got a bit winded when I was over there, but I suppose it was worth it. And I think it was H [Harrison Heath] grabbed my fringe and nearly made me bald from the front. He grabbed my fringe and I felt like, after I celebrated I felt like I lost half my hair. He pulled at it that hard.