Kevin Molino Goal vs. San Jose

In the Moment: Kevin Molino's 1st Goal of 2018

A lot goes down on the pitch in any given match. Each week, we’ll be talking to one player about one specific play from last week’s match and letting them give an inside view of the play as it developed.

This week, we’re looking at Kevin Molino’s first goal of 2018 against the San Jose Earthquakes.

Kevin Molino: My thought process is to follow the play. During preseason, Coach had been drilling on trying to get four players in the box. Try to get forward and follow up the play, and my idea, when Jerry [Thiesson] got the ball wide, is just to follow it. And good touch by Christian [Ramirez]. The important part in this also, is Miguel [Ibarra]. The role Miguel played by blocking off the left back to give me the space to take a touch to finish. It’s a team goal. Even the ball from [Francisco] Calvo, to leave out four or five of the midfield line of players, it was important.

KM: Christian sees that the guy was pulling him back. He just want to get a touch on it, and leave it for me or Miggy. It’s an important touch. He could have played for penalty, but he stayed strong and he just got a touch on it, and it fell in my pathway.

KM: I think especially in this play, Miggy played a tremendous role because the defender doesn’t even know where the ball is at this point in time. And Miggy just blocked him off, and I take a first touch and then finish.