Rookies fishing

The Rookies take on a Minnesota tradition

Minnesota United rookies Mason Toye, Wyatt Omsberg and Carter Manley went ice fishing with the DNR on Lake Minnetonka on Monday.

Area interpretive naturalist Linda Radimecky walked the group through the process. While none of the guys baited their own hooks, they learned how to drill a hole through the three-foot thick ice, strain the snow and ice chips, and lure the fish in their direction with a little help from Kyndra de St. Aubin and a few Radimecky tricks of the trade.

Soaking up the sunshine and 40-degree weather, the fellas channeled their inner Brent Kallman and caught a combined 22 fish in the two hours they spent on the lake. Toye caught a last minute eighth fish, and one upped both Omsberg and Manley in their friendly competition on the ice.

“We shared a Minnesota tradition with our Minnesota United,” said Radimecky.