Venegas vs FCD

Week 6 By the Numbers

The Loons played the first of match of its Lone Star State road trip against FC Dallas on Saturday. Their defensive play was solid compared to previous weeks and, considering the opponent, the defense fared extremely well on the road. The offensive side looked good as well, but heroic goalkeeping kept them off the board. Here are a few significant figures from Saturday night.

375 – Passes Completed by Minnesota

Lots of possession allowed the Loons to move the ball around quite a bit Saturday night. 99 of those passes were completed in the attacking third of the pitch.


96 – Percent of Loons’ Shots taken in the Second Half

Even though it was controlling a lot of the early action, Minnesota only managed to get one shot off in the first half. 25 of the Loons’ 26 shot attempts came in the final 45 minutes of action.

51.2 – Minutes of Minnesota Possession

The Loons had their highest possession percentage of the season in Dallas, beating out opening day in Portland by 0.3%. A majority of that time was in the first half, but Minnesota was able to string together long runs of possession late in the match as well.

45 – Successful Passes by Johan Venegas in FC Dallas Territory

Despite being on the losing end of the score line, Venegas stood out with lots of shots and completed more passes in the opponent’s half than any of his teammates. This helped him get the highest score on the Audi Player Index with 766.


38 – Yards for the Loons’ Longest Shot on Goal

Just over an hour into the match, Johan Venegas found an opening in the Dallas defense. He ripped a low blast on target that took a hop just before reaching the goalkeeper. Young Jesse Gonzalez somehow managed to corral the skipping shot and kept Minnesota off the board.