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Quotes & Notes: #FCDvMIN

Minnesota travelled to Dallas over the weekend, but left empty handed after conceding twice to the home side. The Loons will be headed back to Texas next Saturday to kick off against the Houston Dynamo. Below is the reaction from players and staff following the FC Dallas match.

MNUFC Head Coach Adrian Heath

On tonight's game:
I thought we created some of our own problems again. The second goal should be avoided, but on the whole I thought it was a little bit of a missed opportunity. It's not very often you come here and have a lot of the play, a lot of the ball, and the fact the keeper got Man of the Match gives you an idea that we had a lot of opportunities tonight. It was a missed opportunity for us.

On his team's improved offensive performance in the second half:
We spoke at halftime about getting a little more belief in the group, and believing that you can actually get something from the game, and have some confidence on the ball. We did that a little but in the second half. We started to move the ball quickly, started to get people in the right holes, started to get some good combination play, and we had a lot of opportunities. We needed one of them to go in when we were having our best spell, but the keeper came up with 3 or 4 unbelievable saves. Obviously, then you leave yourself vulnerable to the counterattack, and that's what happened, but some of our approach play in the second half wasn't bad.

On the speed FC Dallas possesses:
They're a good team. They won nearly everything last year. That's why, because they've got good players, they're well coached, well organized, but I'm relatively pleased with some of the stuff we've done. We can't keep giving goals away like we did.

On the debuts of Sam Cronin and Marc Burch:
They're both experienced players that can play at this level and have played over 400 games between them so it's not a problem for them. They can play at this level and will be two good additions for us going forward.

MNUFC Midfielder Collen Warner

On tonight's game:
Overall, it comes down to us keeping faith in our game plan. In the first half we were doing well. We controlled the game in the opening stages. A few mistakes led to us losing a step, our way, and what we wanted to accomplish today.

MNUFC Midfielder Sam Cronin

On tonight's game:
Obviously, disappointed with the loss and my responsibility for the second goal. I let the team down in the start of the second half and put us in a big hole to climb out of so I've got to do much better. Hopefully, over time, I'll improve. Both goals were definitely avoidable. The first one was just a bit of miscommunication. The second ball, we didn't track our guys well enough, and right before half is a terrible time to give up a goal. To start the second half, poor awareness on my part, and the timing of that goal, right out of half, is a killer. We just have to continue to sharpen up. If we concede a world class goal, that's one thing, but we can't give soft goals like that away.

MNUFC Midfielder Kevin Molino

On tonight's game:
Credit to their goalkeeper, he was fantastic tonight. Everything was on point for him, but no excuses. We, as attackers, should take our chances and bury it, but all credit the their keeper.

MNUFC Forward Christian Ramirez

On tonight's game:
Those are the worst games to be a part of, when the goalie is standing on his head. It just feels like nothing can go past him. Credit to (Gonzalez), he played out of his mind. We just have to continue to believe in what we're doing. That we were on the front foot for a lot of a majority of the game. We have to believe fro the beginning. Too many times we're starting, and getting a feel for it instead of understanding that we can impose ourselves on these teams.

On his team's improved offensive performance in the second half:
Kevin (Molino) and Johan (Venegas), Abu (Danladi) when he came in, they were in really good areas. I think the system fits us and our strengths and abilities really well. Molino put me in some good situations that normally go in. Johan had some shots that normally go in. We just have to keep believing in the system that Adrian (Heath) is providing.