mls seating

Beautiful State. Beautiful Game.

Four years ago, Minnesota soccer was in jeopardy. The team was League-owned and running out of time in the search for new ownership. Still, the product on the field never suffered. That team, fueled by adversity, brought a championship to Minnesota on a rainy October night.

Through snow, rain, ice-coated roads and yearly floods Minnesotans adapt and thrive. It is with that spirit that we are proud to announce we have been awarded the 23rd expansion place in Major League Soccer.  

This is not the end of the journey, nor is it the beginning—but rather the next moment in the rise of Minnesota soccer. The beautiful game was made to be played in the elements—beautiful summer afternoons and punishing late-fall nights.

We are proud to continue building a soccer community that is accessible and inviting. Our goal has not changed. Minnesota will be the blueprint for North American dominance in soccer. The North is rising. A new era of Minnesota sports starts here.