The World’s Game Can Be Your Game Too


Soccer: it’s the world’s sport, but not America’s game just yet. In a sporting landscape traditionally dominated by another kind of football, the beautiful game has long been relegated to the backseat in the USA. And I don’t mean relegation as in promotion/relegation; we don’t do that around here. Sadly, it seems that soccer’s time in the American sun is yet to come. But it might be closer than you think.

The closer you look, the more there is to like. With the Women’s World Cup and the first edition of Leagues Cup this summer, soccer has been front and center for American audiences recently. From international excellence to Lionel Messi’s arrival in MLS, there’s been so much good soccer to sink our teeth into, and it’s only going to get better from here.

In the coming years, the USA will be hosting the 2024 Copa America (an international competition with South American teams), the FIFA Club World Cup in 2025 (a tournament that pits the best soccer clubs from across the world against one another), as well as the 2026 Men’s World Cup, and that’s just the extra stuff. Alongside all of that, the National Women’s Soccer League and Major League Soccer will continue to grow the game and improve with every passing season. It’s okay if that all sounded like gibberish to you; you’ve got a few years to catch up and it’s not too hard, don’t worry.

The best way to start getting up to speed with the sport is by supporting your local MLS team; it’s time for you to become a Loon! Minnesota United FC is right here in your backyard, with the wonderful Allianz Field sitting in the Midway neighborhood. If you’re ready to join us, we’re ready to give you a crash course in our beloved league. 

If ever there was a time to jump on the soccer bandwagon, it’s right now. Regardless of your personal preferences or fandom background, this guide is meant to help you understand the landscape of America’s very own soccer league so you can join the legion of fans that are flocking to the sport. Welcome to soccer in America; we’re happy to have you!


Already a sports fan? Then this is going to be an easy transition for you. MLS has plenty in common with whatever sport you’re into. We’ve got goalkeepers and an offside rule for all you hockey lovers; Kevin Durant and James Harden are repping the NBA as part-owners of MLS franchises; and the biggest celebration comes every four years, just like the Olympics.

If football is your game, you don’t even have to change the name. Yeah, they’re vastly different products on the field, but the similarities between the NFL and MLS may surprise you. Every league has its own Dallas Cowboys, their proverbial New York Yankees, if you please. For us, it’s the LA Galaxy. They’ve won a lot, and everybody knows them, even if they’re a tad terrible at the moment.

But the parallels don’t stop there. Ever heard of a mediocre Florida team becoming great when the GOAT brings all of his friends there? I’m not talking about the Buccaneers, or the Miami Heat. No, I was referring to Messi’s Inter Miami. What a weird trend; what’s so great about Florida?

Or how about the bridesmaids who never get their turn as the bride? The Buffalo Bills lost four consecutive Super Bowls in the 1990s, a feat the New England Revolution did their best to replicate in the 2000s. They only managed to lose three championships in a row, but they made up for it by losing the only other two MLS Cup Finals they’ve ever made, beating Buffalo with an 0-5 record in finals.

Sports are all pretty similar at the end of the day. I don’t want to say that ours is the best; I’ll let you come to that conclusion on your own!

Stars Love Soccer

Maybe you’re not a fan of any sport just yet. That’s okay, too! Movie or music lovers can find soccer in their hearts just as easily as any sports fanatic. Just ask anyone on the list of stars who have ownership interest in the league.

Let’s start in Tinseltown, where Phil Weston himself has moved on from coaching the Tigers to purchasing his very own piece of LAFC. That’s right, Will Ferrell is just one of the big names in this ownership group, with USWNT legend Mia Hamm and Lakers icon Magic Johnson joining Ricky Bobby on the deed as well.

Up the coast in Emerald City is one of the league’s most successful teams, the Seattle Sounders. Similar to LAFC, this ownership group is stacked with big names, including musical geniuses like Macklemore and Ciara, as well as Mr. The Price is Right himself, Drew Carey.

Deep in the heart of Texas, we come to Austin FC, where things have been alright, alright, alright since they joined the league in 2018. Part-owner Matthew McConaughey has been spotted leading chants at home games, just south of where Ron Woodruff started his buyers club.

The next stop is Music City, where Elle Woods is still showing the world just how capable she is. Along with Reese Witherspoon, Nashville SC is owned in part by the Antetokounmpo brothers. Why Giannis and his brothers own a team in Tennessee is anyone’s guess, but it’s pretty cool nonetheless.

The list goes on, but you get the point. Some pretty cool people think this league is worth watching; join them!

And So Much More

But there’s more to life than sports and stars. No matter what you’re into—sports, music, art, cinema, or any other medium of expression—we all know what it’s like to be fully invested in the beauty of someone’s creation. The pitch (aka the field) is the canvas on which the players make their art; it’s the studio in which they develop their song; it’s the stage from which they perform for the masses.

If you watch it enough, it’s clear why soccer is known as the beautiful game. At its very best, it’s a symphony where teammates work in concert with one another to create a breathtaking spectacle of fluid movement and seamless interchange. A change in the position of a single player can shift the structure of the entire field, bringing the game to life as it becomes something totally unique.

Pure soccer is unselfish and emotional, pulling in the audience as the players get lost in one of the greatest dances known to humankind. For so many people, this sport is a means of expression and connection in an incredibly meaningful way. It brings us together, inspires us, and creates a community that is worth being part of. Minnesota United is waiting for you to accept your invitation; join us anytime!