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Ripples: November Community Impact


November is a time for giving and reflection. As many of us plan for the holiday season and new year to come, members of the Minnesota United family found ways to give back to the Twin Cities community during this special time.

Pumpkin Recycling

750,000 tons of pumpkins are produced in the US each year, and most end up in landfills where they release a significant amount of detrimental methane. As a way to combat this, from November 1-4, MNUFC offered a 10% discount at the Black and Blue Team Store to fans who donated their used pumpkins. All of the collected pumpkins were composted and properly disposed of.

Mall of America Festival of Trees

On November 9, MNUFC staff gathered to decorate a Legion of Loons-themed tree for the Mall of America Festival of Trees event. Minnesota United donned their tree with themed caches, gift cards, scarves, and more – leaving it dripping with black and blue. The event is open and free to the public and fans can purchase raffle tickets to win favored tree decor. All raffle tickets to the Festival of Trees benefit the MOA Community Foundation.


Stars of the Cities

On November 11, Minneapolis and St. Paul High Schools gathered at the Conway Center for a girls and boys Stars of the Cities All-Star Game highlighting the top high school soccer players in the Twin Cities. Sol of the Cities partnered with Bell Bank and the Sanneh Foundation to create this event – with equipment help from MNUFC – and Manny Lagos put on his coaching hat once again to make an appearance as a guest coach for the boys of St. Paul.

Como Park Stadium Tour and Panel

On November 6, Como Park students and staff made an afternoon stop at Allianz Field to tour the facilities and learn what it takes to operate the space. To conclude the event, representatives from multiple MNUFC departments held a Q&A to share professional advice. 

The Sanneh Foundation Thanksgiving Drive

On November 21, Minnesota United staff provided assistance to The Sanneh Foundation with their Thanksgiving Drive – this included packing and bagging produce, moving pallets, handing out canned goods, and more. The boxes of food provided families around the community with some extra help for their Thanksgiving meals.