Boxall goal vs. LA Galaxy

A lot goes down on the pitch in any given match. For In the Moment, we talk to a player about a specific play from last week’s match and letting them give an inside view of the play as it developed.
This week, we couldn't miss the chance to talk to defender Michael Boxall, who scored his first MLS goal against LA Galaxy last week.

Michael Boxall:
On the corner, I usually end up at the middle of goal and that is the area where Darwin [Quintero] tries to put the ball. Obviously, we have gone short here and then I have made the early run. Then I am kind of stuck just standing there. As you see Darwin make his move, I make my run just to go over to say “Hi” to Darwin. Then he must see me and puts it in that near post area. He is a good enough player where if I make a run with my eyes closed, he can put it right on the spot on my head where it goes in over the keeper.

People have seen all the magic that he has produced this year and what he can do on his right foot. He is obviously taking that away and it still doesn’t matter with Darwin. Even in training you see if you take away his strengths, he surprises you with something else. He can hold off much bigger defenders and hold up the ball to bring others into play, he can sprint past just about any player with the ball and finishing — nothing needs to be said about his finishing.

Because of the weight of the ball I couldn’t quite glance it on target because I don’t think it would have had enough to get past the keeper. So I tried to put a bit more on it and maybe that helped it up over the keeper. Darwin makes [chipping the keeper] look easy, so I had to try to give it a go.


In the Moment: Michael Boxall -

I am one of the bigger people, so I usually get matched up with one of the bigger, better defenders (MichaelCiani, in this case). They usually do a good job on me. I think because of the timing of this one and Darwin kind of makes that move, it gives you the signal to make the move at the same time. Once you get that step on them then it is tough for them to keep up.

Ashley Cole helped me out there, I think.