MNUFC Academy Launches Homestay Program

MNUFC Homestay Program graphic

Minnesota United today announced that the club has launched its Homestay Program for prospective MNUFC Academy and MNUFC2 players. Effective immediately, families across the Twin Cities metro can apply to become hosts for players that come from outside the region to play for MNUFC.

“We believe in Minnesota players and our academy will be based around Minnesota players, but we are excited to bolster our academy through the inclusion of players from out of market that can lift our program, both on and off the field,” said MNUFC Vice President of Youth Development Amos Magee. “Beyond soccer, we’re excited to have players from outside of Minnesota experience our culture and values in a friendly and safe atmosphere. We’re also excited for Minnesota families to get the opportunity to share and experience the path a young athlete – who aspires to become a professional soccer player – takes during their journey.”

The screened host families that are selected to house prospective players will allow these non-local athletes to live in the area and attend local schools during the season. Part of the initiative is that the players will be provided with housing, support, and an integrated experience while in Minnesota. Host families will be provided a monthly monetary stipend and will be required to provide a list of amenities that support the player in all aspects of their life, including three nutritious meals a day, a furnished room and access to internet, television, and laundry as appropriate.

MNUFC’s newly-launched Homestay Program will primarily support players, aged 14-18 years old, with a focus on support for on-the-field success, but also aims to build and provide crucial foundations off the pitch for these prospective athletes.

“Not every single player that comes from our academy will go on to have a career in professional soccer. It’s our responsibility, as an academy, to make sure that these players leave our academy as better people and with the best chance to be successful in the world, whether or not that is in soccer,” said Magee. “The Homestay Program families will support us in those off-the-pitch efforts and will begin to create a community within and outside of the sport.”

Twin Cities-based families who are interested in applying to become a host for a prospective player within the Homestay Program can find more detailed information here.