Match Recap | MNUFC2 - 1, Whitecaps FC 2 - 4


MNUFC2 scored first on Thursday night, but the young squad couldn’t keep up with Whitecaps FC 2, ultimately dropping a 4-1 result to the Canadian side at Swangard Stadium.

The Twos found themselves with the first scoring opportunity after midfielder Molik Jesse Khan took the first corner of the match. Khan served the ball into the box finding defender Britton Fischer’s head, but his header towards goal went high and wide.

During the ninth minute of the match, MNUFC Academy U19 forward Julian Banks intercepted a pass from the left side and took space towards the middle of the pitch where he drew a foul just outside the 18-yard box. Khan, on the ball, tried to send a service into the box but the ball deflected off Vancouver's wall.

MNUFC Academy U19 goalkeeper Oliver Kelly made a crucial tackle in the 14th minute. Kelly, far off his line, charged the Whitecaps FC 2 forward during a one-on-one to goal and cleared the ball up the pitch, keeping the score at 0-0.

The Twos had another close scoring opportunity in the 27th minute after Khan beat a Whitecaps FC 2 defender and fired a long-range shot that was deflected out above the crossbar by Vancouver’s goalkeeper, Max Anchor.

MNUFC2 scored the first goal of the match in the 31st minute after Justin Arias gained possession on the left side of the pitch. Arias crossed the ball into the box where he found teammate Julian Banks on the six-yard line for a header to goal that slipped past Anchor.

The home side equalized the score in the 41st minute. Defender Darko Ilic was able to get a cross off from the right flank finding Mihail Gherasimencov on the opposite side. Gherasimencov turned and fired a shot off from inside the 18-yard box, finding the far corner.

At the beginning of the second half, Vancouver stole the lead in the 53rd minute after Mihail Gherasimencov beat a Twos’ defender on the left side and carried the ball up the pitch to the left flank. Mihail Gherasimencov cut the ball back and found teammate Nicolas Fleuriau Chateau outside the six-yard line for a one-touch shot to goal, finding the back of the net.

MNUFC2 scored an own goal after the opposing goalkeeper sent a long ball down the pitch where Twos defender Tamer Ibsais tried to pass back to Kelly, but was unaware that Kelly was off his line, passing it past the keeper and into goal.

Yet again, Kelly in the 73rd minute made another important save after a long ball over the top found Fleuriau Chateau on the run inside the box but Kelly, off his line, deflected the shot.

Vancouver sealed the game when it found the back of the net in the 85th minute when Whitecaps FC 2 midfielder Liam Mackenzie dribbled through multiple MNUFC2 players. Mackenzie found himself on the left flank before he crossed the ball into the six-yard box where MNUFC2 defender Finn McRobb mistouched, tapping the ball into Minnesota’s goal.

1-0 MNUFC2 - Julian Banks, assisted by Justin Arias (31’)
1-1 VAN2 - Mihail Gherasimencov, assisted by Jay Herdman (41’)
1-2 VAN2 - Nicolas Fleuriau Chateau, assisted by Mihail Gherasimencov (53’)
1-3 VAN2 - Own goal, Tamer Ibsais (68’)
1-4 VAN2 - Own goal, Finn McRobb (85’)

Caution, VAN2 - Immanuel Mathe (10’)
Caution, VAN2 - Finn Linder (63’)

1 - MNUFC Academy U19 forward Julian Banks scored his first MNUFC2 and MLS NEXT Pro goal in the 31st minute of tonight’s match versus Whitecaps FC 2.
3 - Three MNUFC Academy players made their pro debut appearances (via amateur contract agreements) tonight: Will Schmidt, Jack Grossman and Anderson Farris all appeared as second-half substitutes.

TEAM LEADERS (Updated through June 13)
Goals – Patrick Weah (7)
Assists – Britton Fischer, Molik Jesse Khan (2)
Saves – Alec Smir (19)
Wins – Alec Smir (2)
Shutouts – Clint Irwin (1)