Match Recap | MNUFC2 - 0, North Texas SC - 4


An impressive defensive first half by MNUFC2 was overshadowed by a difficult second half as the Twos fell to North Texas SC by a 4-0 scoreline at Choctaw Stadium in Arlington, Texas Wednesday night.

MNUFC2 earned its first free kick of the game in the 11th minute when first team forward Patrick Weah made a run towards the North Texas goalkeeper’s box when his shirt was pulled on by Alejandro Urzua. The Twos were then awarded a free kick, which midfielder Rory O’Driscoll took, sending the ball deeper into the box from 25 yards out, but the chance fizzled out.

North Texas then saw the first true scoring chance of the match in the 20th minute when Abdoul Zanne crashed towards the MNUFC2 box, firing off a shot atop 18 yards out that curled to the far post. Newly-signed Twos goalkeeper Francesco Montali made the diving stop to keep the score at 0-0.

But, the home side eventually struck first just a few minutes later, when Herbert Endeley, near the endline, sent a last-ditch pass deeper back into the six-yard box. MNUFC Academy defender Dom Mawing went to clear, but the clearance fell short and Texas’ Urzua finished the shot at a tight angle and a deflection into net to take the 1-0 lead.

At the 30 minute mark, MNUFC2 midfielder Molik Jesse Khan saw wide-open space nearly 30 yards out from goal and took a strong, long-range strike that was saved by goalkeeper Carrera Zarzar. Off the rebound, Khan was able to get another touch on the ball, where he chipped it over the keeper, but the ball lost speed just before the goal line.

In the 40th minute, North Texas’ Isaiah Parker suffered a significant injury inside the MNUFC2 goalkeeper’s box, halting play for nearly 10 minutes.

The Twos’ final chance of the first half came in the 11th minute of added stoppage time, where Weah again earned a free kick outside the Texas box when he was fouled while making a run. Khan took the free kick, but the wall of defenders stopped the shot.

End-to-end action was the theme at the start of the second half, where both MNUFC2 and North Texas SC made attempts to capitalize on transition runs.

In the 54th minute, the home side scored their second goal of the match when Endeley delivered a cross into the MNUFC2 box, where it curled to perfectly meet Anthony Ramirez. Ramirez then headed in the ball at close range to double the lead 2-0.

Malik-Henry Scott netted the third goal of the night for North Texas in the 64th minute after he received a through-ball pass from Ramirez, slipping past the MNUFC2 defense to solidify the lead. Just three minutes later, the Texas side added a fourth goal on a strike by Enes Sali to finish the game out.

0-1 NTX - Alejandro Urzua, assisted by Herbert Endeley (24’)
0-2 NTX - Anthony Ramirez, assisted by Herbert Endeley (54’)
0-3 NTX - Malik Henry-Scott, assisted by Ramirez (64’)
0-4 NTX - Enes Sali, assisted by Amet Korça (67’)

Caution, NTX - Alejandro Urzua (11’)
Caution, NTX - Malik Henry-Scott (63’)
Caution, MNUFC2 - Rory O’Driscoll (88’)
Caution, MNUFC2 - Aidan Martinez (90’+4’)

1 - Goalkeeper Francesco Montali, who was recently signed to an MLS NEXT Pro contract with MNUFC2, made his first start in goal for the Twos.

TEAM LEADERS (Updated through July 3)
Goals – Patrick Weah (8)
Assists – Molik Jesse Khan (3)
Saves – Alec Smir (19)
Wins – Alec Smir (2)
Shutouts – Clint Irwin (1)