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Loons Flip Script On LAFC To Stay Undefeated


From the jump on Saturday evening at Allianz Field, it was apparent that the Los Angeles Ferrell Club had not received the memo on the new-look Loons. No longer would they be reliant on off-the-ball counter attacks that LAFC may have been accustomed to over the past few seasons. These 2024 Loons bring more aggression, more physicality, and more urgency in the way they attack, and clearly, the opponents weren’t exactly prepared for the home squad’s new style of play. Oh, and it couldn’t hurt to have new gaffer Eric Ramsay making his MNUFC debut, either. All those things would create an electric atmosphere to pair with an incredible effort on the part of the Loons to get their first home win of the 2024 season.

For much of the first half, LAFC appeared to lean into the dramatics that are so synonymous with La La Land, as they would do an excessive amount of pleading with referees for calls that didn’t go their way. The Loons didn’t take too long to ramp up the drama for LAFC when, in the 16th minute, Robin Lod would find himself in the right place at the right time to corral the ball off a misplayed LAFC header. The fine Finn would find the top right corner of the net and put the boys up early. And, fun fact, the goal would be Lod’s first at Allianz Field in 668 days, a welcome sight to see for the midfielder following last year’s injury-shortened season. 1-0. cue invisible arrow

The goal would hold up as the teams went to the locker room for the half. Upon their return to the pitch, LAFC would look a bit more engaged in their attack. They would give a scare to the Legion of Loons in the 52nd minute, when LAFC’s Mateusz Bogusz would fire off a right footed shot that had the power behind it, but Dayne St. Clair would the thwart the attempt with an amazing save at close range to keep his clean sheet intact.

After a bit of back and forth between the two sides, the Loons would bring on some fresh legs in the form of Bongi Hlongwane for another second-half substitution that would prove fruitful in the closing minutes of this one. Also coming off the bench would be the incomparable Emanuel Reynoso, as he would make his season debut and receive a very loud “welcome back” roar from the Allianz Field crowd. While el Rey would get his opportunities to showcase his ridiculous ball control skills (which appear to be very much intact), it would be Bongi who would, for a second week in a row, put the dagger in LA’s efforts to find an equalizer. A long pass from Micky Tapías would catch the LAFC defenders out of position as Bongi’s speed would give him the angle on LAFC keeper Hugo Lloris to hammer home the final nail in the visitor’s coffin in the 88th minute.

In the end, it was another massive effort from the Loons, start to finish, that would keep the Black and Blue undefeated on the season, and earn them a well-deserved rendition of Wonderwall from a grateful Legion of Loons. Not only was this an impressive way to get the victory for the first time in the 2024 season, but also the club’s first win over LAFC since 2019. And, the 2-0 win was a heck of a way for coach Eric Ramsay to start his tenure with MNUFC, as the new-look Loons continue their hot start to 2024.

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