Feminine Care Supply Drive at the Black and Blue Team Store


Around the world, menstruation can pose both a physical and financial burden, and a lack of adequate access to education and affordable products is far too common, even in our own community. No one should have to go without safe, hygienic products nor should anyone be made to feel ashamed of a natural bodily function.

To help alleviate this issue in our community, Minnesota United is once again hosting a Feminine Care Supply Drive at the Black and Blue Team Store from March 27 to 31. Guests that bring in an item from the list provided below will receive 10% off their purchase that day, and all of the collected materials will be given to Keystone Community Services for proper distribution and maximum impact.

Keystone’s mission to strengthen the capacity of individuals and families to improve their quality of life is one that MNUFC wholeheartedly believes in, and their work has provided people in the Twin Cities with the kind of support they need to lead their best lives. Whether through food services, crisis support, or connecting people in need to the proper resources, Keystone is a pillar of positive change in our community. To learn more about this tremendous organization, visit their website.

Accepted Items:


Sanitary Napkins

Feminine Wipes

Baby Wipes

Adult Diapers

Baby Diapers

Body Wash


Body Lotion

Vaginal Ointment

Ovulation & Pregnancy Tests

*If there are other care products not listed, we are open to accepting