Allianz Field is Ready for This Snowstorm

Allianz Field in the Snow

As you’re no doubt aware, there is a winter storm heading our way — as is the tradition for the second weekend in April, apparently. Predictions based on different models have varied widely of the past week, but at least for now, it looks like something on the order of 5” to 10” of snow — and closer to 5” in the Twin Cities — mixed with rain and sleet over the next day. In short, a sloppy mess.

That’s not great news for anyone, but Loons fans are almost certainly most concerned about what it means for Saturday’s home opener at Allianz Field. The good news in terms of the pitch — to crib from Battlestar Galactica — is that all of this has happened before, and all of it will happen again. Snow has been cleared from the field once this season, now they just have to do it again and Head Groundskeeper Ryan Moy has a plan.

“We will utilize field heat through initial phase of inclement weather,” he said. “The forecast is trending towards more rain than previously predicted. In the event that we get snow accumulation, we have snow pushers with rounded edges that attach to our tractor. We will push the snow to northwest, west and southwest of the field.”

Bottom line, whatever Minnesota throws at it, Allianz Field is prepared to handle it and be ready to go for kickoff at 4:00 p.m. on Saturday. And again, it’s not like they didn’t think snow was a possibility when they planned the stadium.

“These weather-related events were part of the thought process,” Moy added. “The result of what may happen would be a momentary pause in the progression of the pitch and the root depth we are trying to achieve.”

So don’t worry about Saturday. It might be a little cold, but we know you’re already planning to bring your scarves.