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Allianz Field Prep: Transportation

Mass Transit

On April 13, Minnesota United plays its first game inside of Allianz Field. At long last, professional soccer in Minnesota has a new and permanent home and we’ve got some information to help you get settled in.

Parking around the stadium is going to be limited. There just isn't a whole lot of room. Our suggestion is to find alternative transportation methods on April 13, and fortunately for you, we've put together a fairly comprehensive list of options:


With limited parking options in the immediate vicinity of Allianz Field, one of the best options for fans attending a Minnesota United game is parking off-site and taking a free shuttle to Allianz Field.

One of the best park-and-ride options for Allianz Field is located at the Minnesota State Fairgrounds. In addition to being the most affordable option for parking at a Minnesota United game, parking at the State Fair will allow you to tailgate with friends prior to the game. Meet your friends, grill some food and have some beverages, then take one of the many shuttles over to Allianz Field ahead of kickoff.

For additional part-and-ride options, please refer to the Metro Transit and Parking sections below.

Metro Transit

Allianz Field Prep: Transportation -

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Allianz Field is located near attractive options for Metro Transit, making it easy to get to the stadium from locations all over the Twin Cities in an economic and efficient fashion. Get there and back easily with the Metro Transit all-day pass and skip the ticket buying line when you're ready to head back home.

By Train
The Green Line Light Rail has a stop just outside the stadium.

By Bus
Metro Transit A Line services and local bus routes allow transportation options most of the day for commuters along the University and Snelling routes. Visit the Metro Transit website to plan your trip to Allianz Field on gameday.

Ride Share

Allianz Field Prep: Transportation -

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Allianz Field has designated pick-up and drop-off points for fans planning on taking Lyft, Uber or a taxi to games. Get dropped off curbside on your way into the stadium on gameday, with easy access to your gate no matter where you're seated.



Allianz Field Prep: Transportation -

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Allianz Field is a bike-friendly stadium, with 400 bike parking spots available on-site. Take the bikeway to the stadium, then secure your bike, grab your helmet and head into the stadium on gameday.

From the North
Cyclists traveling north and south are encouraged to use the Pascal Street bike lanes.

From the East
Cyclists traveling to or from the east are also encouraged to utilize Pascal to connect to bike facilities along Charles Avenue or Marshall Avenue.

From the West
Cyclists traveling to or from the west are encouraged to utilize the bikeway on St. Anthony Avenue.

Remember to arrive early at Allianz Field for the home opener to enjoy Target’s Bullseye Fan Zone on the north side of the stadium and other activities beginning at noon.