DJs For Just-Us

Friends of Minnesota soccer can tune in on August 16 to the premier of the new charity series, DJs 4 JUST-US. The 12-hour stream will feature noteworthy DJ's such as DJ Advance, DJ Sidereal and Baby Ghost among others performing at some of Minnesota's most iconic locations like First Avenue, Prince's Paisley Park, Mall of America with Dj Skee and DJ Kam Bennet both recording their sets at Allianz Field earlier this year.

This event, put on by Dash Radio, Skee Sports, and 300 Entertainment, aims to raise money and awareness for BLM, police reform and reconstruction in devastated portions of the Twin Cities area. Spread the word, tune in and donate to a worthy cause!

Tune In Info

The funds raised during the performance will be donated to the West Broadway Business and Area Coalition, We Love Lake Street, and We Love St. Paul, all groups aiming to help rebuild and refurbish local minority businesses in the Twin Cities area.

The performance itself will consist of sets, each lasting 45 minutes to an hour. And for those worried about crowding during this uncertain time, have no fear; each set will be video-recorded before the stream, ensuring both the safety of those involved and the entertainment of everyone tuning in!

The first performances will be held in Minneapolis, but the goal is to take DJs 4 JUST-US worldwide. And where better to start than MN, where the protests first began. 

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