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Allianz Field Awards

Allianz Field

Since opening in 2019, Allianz Field has collected 20 rewards for its engineering, environmental impact, illumination and more. Minnesota United and its partners Populous and Mortensen put the fan experience first — at every level — and the results speak for themselves.

The 19,400-seat stadium consistently sells out every game as fans flock to witness the “best MLS stadium experience.” The closest seats are 17 feet away from the pitch and the farthest are only 125 feet away. The pitch is all-natural grass and supporters have a safe, dedicated standing sections. Sightlines are optimal throughout the stadium and a concourse with concessions and the team’s Black & Blue Store encircles the building.

The exterior and interior of the stadium contain color changing LEDs, which are used for halftime shows. Allianz also has a 360-degree canopy to keep weather out. The stadium was constructed to reduce noise traveling outside the stadium while also blocking hard winter winds.

The sustainable stadium is designed to minimize environmental impact. It recycles up to two million gallons of rainwater. Native trees throughout the 28,000 square-foot grounds around the stadium provide shade for fans.

It's a captivating scene and one that has lured soccer fanatics to Saint Paul.


<p>AIA KC: 2019 AIA KC Citation Award</p>
<p>The AIA KC Citation Award is for excellence in architecture.</p>
<p>ESPN: 2019 Best MLS Stadium Experience</p>
<p>The Best MLS Stadium Experience Award recognizes MLS stadiums which provide the best experience to fans.</p>
<p>Minnnesota Brownfield Organization: 2019 Field Rescape Award – Environmental Impact</p>
<p>The Field Rescape Award recognizes projects demonstrating innovation, collaboration and exemplary results in revitalizing formerly contaminated land. The three categories for this award are community impact award, the economic impact award and the environmental award, along with a scholarship program.</p>
<p>Industrial Fabrics Association International: 2019 International Achievement Award – Tensile Structures</p>
<p>Recognizing the membrane building envelope Pfeiffer FabriTec built for Allianz Field.</p>
<p>Sports Travel Industry: 2019 Stadium of the Year</p>
<p>For a new stadium, arena or major sports venue that opened (or re-opened after renovations) to great success between 1 January 2018 and close of entries 24 January 2019.</p>
<p>Capitol Region Watershed District: 2019 Watershed Project of the Year</p>
<p>The&nbsp;Watershed Project Award&nbsp;is given to an organization, group or individual for a&nbsp;project&nbsp;that demonstrates an innovative and effective solution to protecting, managing and improving water resources of the District.</p>
<p>USA Today: 2020 10 Best Readers’ Choice Travel Award for Best New Attraction</p>
<p>From museums and performance spaces to recreational trails and monuments, this award is for travelers to pick the best new attractions of the year throughout the country.</p>
<p>Minneapolis Awards Program: 2020 Best of Minneapolis – Sports Club and Org</p>
<p><em>Minnesota Meetings + Events</em> poll to its readers to find out what they consider the best places, people and things within the state of Minnesota.</p>
<p>ENR Midwest: 2020 Best Sport/Entertainment Project</p>
<p>ENR’s annual Best Projects&nbsp;award program is dedicated to honoring the best construction projects and the companies that designed and built them in all 50 states plus Washington D.C. and Puerto Rico.</p>
<p>Architectural Lighting, Light &amp; Architecture Design: 2019 Commendable Achievement Award</p>
<p>The winner of this award had to demonstrate a great backstory, strong lighting concept and creative use of light.</p>
<p>ACEC of Minnesota: 2020 Grand Conceptor Award</p>
<p>The Grand Conceptor Award recognizes the work of the engineering community, its member firms, and volunteer leadership, as well as promising young students who represent the future of the engineering profession.</p>
<p>2020 Illumination Award of Merit</p>
<p>The IES Illumination Awards were presented as the opening session to kick-off the 2020 Virtual Annual Conference. With Acuity Brands as the platinum sponsor, many projects from around the world were recognized with this honorable distinction.</p>
<p>Illuminating Engineering Society of North America: 2020 People’s Choice Award ACEC Engineering Excellence</p>
<p>The Engineering Excellence Awards are an annual design competition provided by the American Council of Engineering Companies of Georgia (ACEC Georgia). The Engineering Excellence Awards recognize engineering achievements demonstrating the highest degree of merit and ingenuity.</p>
<p>ACEC Colorado Award of Excellence</p>
<p>ACEC Colorado's&nbsp;Engineering Excellence Awards&nbsp;(EEA) program annually recognizes consulting engineering firms for projects that demonstrate an exceptional degree of innovation, complexity, achievement, and value.</p>
<p>Brilliance Award of Merit for Exterior Lighting</p>
<p>The IES Illumination Awards program recognizes individuals for professionalism, ingenuity, and originality in lighting design based on the individual merit of each entry.&nbsp;</p>
<p>Building Design + Construction: Build Team Awards, Silver</p>
<p>This award celebrates excellence in team collaboration and design/construction solutions.&nbsp;</p>
<p>ACEC of Minnesota: Grand Award Winner</p>
<p>The Grand Award recognizes the highest scoring project by the judging panel.</p>
<p>Local Business-to-Business for the Loonatics Guest Service Program; The Loonatics Guest Service Field Guide</p>
<p>The Show recognizes outstanding advertising campaigns in Minnesota.</p>
<p>The Stadium Business Summit &amp; Venue Technology Showcase: Venue of the Year Award finalist</p>
<p>Recognizing leadership, innovation and achievement in the delivery, operation and management of sports facilities globally.</p>
<p>2020 Single Field Facility of the Year</p>
<p>The American Sports Builders Association recognizes facilities built or designed by ASBA members which have attained the goal of promoting excellence in sports facility construction.</p>