Allianz Field

Allianz Field Awarded For Efforts to Become a Zero Waste Venue


MNUFC and Allianz Field recently received the Waste Player Award from Green Sports Alliance for the club’s efforts to divert trash away from landfills. Through the work of the green team and key vendors, we have furthered our goal for a sustainable stadium – something that has been a priority since the club's inception.

As part of the Play to Zero Campaign, the Waste Player Award is given to facilities and teams that have achieved a waste diversion rate of 30% or more. Play to Zero is an initiative started by the Green Sports Alliance to reduce the environmental impact of facilities by getting them to be zero energy, net zero water, and zero waste. MNUFC was one of nine teams to receive the award, reaching a 54.9% diversion rate last year – and we’ve continued to build upon that, reaching 70.5% so far in 2023.

The club kicked off the 2023 season with a mission to get closer to zero waste by working together with concessionaire, Delaware North, to find items in the concession stands that weren’t compostable or recyclable. After weeding out those items, the club and Delaware North  researched alternatives that could further the stadium’s sustainability efforts. Through this process, Allianz Field has gone to 100% compostable straws and food trays, and a near complete transition to all cups being compostable. Another way Allianz Field has evolved its carbon footprint is by sorting the stadium’s trash stream on game days. Since beginning this practice last July, the stadium has seen a whopping 20% increase in their diversion rate.

So, what’s next, and how can you help? 

As a club, we have a goal to become a zero waste venue, meaning 90% or more of material leaving the stadium needs to be diverted away from the landfill — a lofty goal, but certainly one that can be accomplished! Especially with your support.

There are two things you can do to aid in our efforts. First, throw out your items in the proper   places, as each trash receptacle is labeled with pictures of common items that should be disposed of there. Second, if you are unsure where said items should go, just leave them at your seat. The club’s dedicated housekeeping crew is trained in this area, and will properly dispose of your refuse after each game. 

As an added incentive, part of the green team’s duties is to hand out prizes to environmentally responsible fans. During the first half of each game, the team hands out drink vouchers, provided by Pepsi, to those that are seen putting trash in the correct stream. During the second half, the green team switches from drink vouchers to custom-branded MNUFC and Pepsi lunch bags. 

It is not always the most desirable thing to take the extra minute to ensure you're putting your trash in the right place – especially if there is a game you want to get back to. However, that little bit of time can go a long way in keeping Minnesota’s lakes and rivers clean, and reducing our carbon footprint, helping maintain our naturally gorgeous state’s landscape as pristine as possible for all of us, and future generations.