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All-Star Voting Guide: Loons Edition


It’s MLS All-Star voting season, everyone, and you know what that means; it’s time to vote Loons, obviously. But which ones? While I’d advise that you just vote for ALL of them multiple times, I understand that some of you might want to spread the love and recognize some of the fantastic players that don’t call Allianz Field home. That’s fine, as long as you’re not voting for anyone in pink. They don’t need our help, people; they’ll be just fine.

Speaking of people who deserve your vote, I’ve decided just now that I’m going to help you pick your All-Star Loons. We want to keep the ballot pretty Black and Blue-heavy if we can, so let me tell you why these four Loons deserve your vote before the Monday, June 10, deadline. I’ve also added a few bonus players from around the league at the end, so read on to see who should be on your ballot.

Robin Lod

Sacha Kjlestan said it best, “If you’re not voting for Robin Lod as a starter in the MLS All-Star game, you’re not paying attention because he’s been fantastic.” While Sacha’s endorsement stands on its own, I’ll back it up with some numbers for those who aren’t convinced.

15 goal contributions in 962 minutes give Robin the fifth best per game tally in the league (1.22). With 10 assists and five goals of his own, the Finnish Messi—as I like to call him—has been absolutely phenomenal since returning from his season-ending injury in 2023. His versatility has always made him an undroppable piece of Minnesota United’s lineup, but since the arrival of Coach Ramsay, one of the club’s longest-serving players is having a real Renaissance in a role that fits his skills best.

Lod’s passing range and next-level vision make him one of the most dangerous players in the entire league with the ball at his feet, and paired with the finishing of Tani Oluwaseyi, it’s never a matter of IF we’ll score, but WHEN. With the freedom to drift in the midfield to take up the most advantageous positions, Lod has made the attacking midfield spot his own and become the playmaker that we all knew he could be. Now the club’s all-time leading goal scorer, it’s already been a season to remember for Robin Lod; an All-Star appearance feels like the natural next step in his historic year.

Tani Oluwaseyi

What a year it’s been for Tani. After catching fire on loan with San Antonio in 2023, the newly christened Canadian international has kept the fire burning in 2024, taking the Twin Cities—and the whole league—by storm. Oluwaseyi has racked up seven goals and four assists in just 620 minutes, giving him 1.59 goal contributions per game. That’s second only to the reigning Ballon d’Or holder.

To put it in perspective, Erling Haaland, the leading scorer in the Premier League, managed just 1.13 goal contributions per game this year. Different league and larger sample size, sure, but Tani’s on one heck of a run right now. An expected goals per 90 of 0.89 has Tani leading the whole league at the moment, and while there are some extremely talented forwards with more minutes or more goals, that shouldn’t deter you from putting the Loons’ leading scorer at the front of your All-Star lineup.

While his production is impressive enough on its own to get Tani a spot in the All-Star game, the timing of his goals, the ways that he’s managed to score, and his impact beyond the scoresheet make him one of the league’s most in-form players. Need someone to head in a cross? He can do that. Need a long-range shot into the bottom corner? He’s got you covered. Need a goal in the dying moments of a match to earn a result? It’s Tani Time.

Joseph Rosales

I’m a sucker for a good wingback—always have been—and I can’t get enough of Joseph Rosales this season. The Honduran international has played a variety of positions for MNUFC throughout his tenure in the Twin Cities, but LWB looks like the perfect fit. Since shifting to his new position, Rosales leads the league in interceptions (34) and is second on MNUFC’s assists chart with seven. He’s doing it at both ends of the pitch, and he’s doing it in style.

He’s got the touch of a midfielder, the attacking instincts of a winger, and the defensive acumen of a fullback. Wrap that all up into one player, and you’ve got one heck of a wingback. Rosales’ crossing ability, along with his footskills, make him a threat on the ball, and after showing the league what he’s capable of in the first half of the season, there’s little doubt in my mind that he’s among the best LB/LWB options in this year’s pool.

Michael Boxall

There are some very talented center backs in MLS, but unless you’re watching them every week, you don’t tend to hear about their accomplishments as much as their attacking counterparts. It’s a position that takes years to perfect and an art that often goes unappreciated by the casual observer, but when done right, defending can be quite fun to watch. This season, I’ve enjoyed watching Michael Boxall demonstrate his experience and skill, and I’d put him right on par with the league’s very best center backs.

Since taking over as captain this year, Boxy has been massive, leading the way in a three-center-back system and helping to guide his younger teammates. He’s got the most clearances in the league (80), has attempted the second-most passes on the team, and hasn’t missed a minute of action when available or selection. I can’t think of many center backs who deserve an All-Star appearance more than our skipper does this season.

Rest of the League

We’ve established that MNUFC has plenty of deserving All-Star candidates, but like I said before, we want to spread the love in hopes that our fellow fans will do the same. That said, I can’t leave you without suggesting a few of my favorite players from around the league for your consideration. Here’s a quick list of all-star-worthy talents I think you should vote for:


In the front three, let me present Vancouver’s Fafa Picault and Toronto’s Federico Bernardeschi. There’s a distinctly Canadian slant to my picks here, but I love watching these guys. Picault has been kicking around MLS since 2017, playing for five different clubs in that time and showing his quality at every stop. He’s a skillful winger with excellent 1v1 ability; if you’re looking to be entertained, this is your guy. Bernardeschi is no slouch, either, as the former Italian international has bagged seven goals and four assists during 2024. He’s the heartbeat of a resurgent Toronto side, and he’s playing some fantastic football.


My picks in the middle of the park are pretty standard, but these guys are still deserving. Riqui Puig is one of the most exciting players in the league, and he’s the key to everything good that’s happening for the Galaxy right now. His energy alone makes him a great midfielder, but his quality on the ball and ability to make a difference anywhere on the pitch make him, in my opinion, the best midfielder in MLS.

The home team always gets a few All-Stars regardless of the fan vote, but I’d put at least one of Darlington Nagbe and Aidan Morris in your lineup. The two of them have formed an incredible partnership, and though the way they work together elevates both of their games, their individual ability speaks for itself.


Ethan Bartlow was fantastic against the Loons when they played against Houston earlier this year, and that got my attention. The Dynamo CB has been great this year, and I think he’s more than earned a spot in this year’s All-Star squad. Matt Miazga and Miles Robinson are both exceptional players, and Malte Amundsen is a huge presence in the middle of the league’s best defense in Columbus. There’s a few options to pair with Boxy at CB.

As far as right backs go, I went for Brooks Lennon. Atlanta’s RB is a dual-threat, and he often does it without the flexibility of being a wingback. He’s always involved, and he’s always creating chances for his squad. Things haven’t gone quite to plan for Atlanta this year, but Lennon has been great.


Now, I’m not going to suggest that you vote for anyone other than DSC. That said, Brad Stuver has been fantastic for Austin this season and currently leads the league with more than 70 saves. Kristijan Kahlina has helped Charlotte earn the highest clean sheet total in MLS, though he couldn’t get it done against MNUFC. Patrick Schulte and Chris Brady are exciting young options as well, so take your pick.

Honorable Mentions

I have a few more names to mention, but they’re right on the edge. First, Lewis Morgan from NYRB. The Scottish winger just got called up for the Euros, and that should tell you all you need to know about how well he’s been playing. Finally, I’ve got to throw in Houston’s Adalberto Carrasquilla before we call it quits as well, as the Panama international has been a joy to watch in 2024.

There you have it: the expert’s guide to MLS All Star voting. Vote Loons, spread the love a little bit, and get ready for an exciting event. Voting ends on Monday, June 10, so don’t wait; submit your picks now!