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MINvLA - Training Report

Injury Updates

  • M – Bernardo Anor (L Lower Leg)
  • M/D – Thomas de Villardi (L Achilles)
  • D – Sam Cronin (Head)
  • F – Christian Ramirez (R Hamstring)

Training Notes

  • Sam Cronin took a ball to the head and is currently out with a concussion. “It seems like he’s got a target on his head at the moment,” said Heath. “Every time he goes to close the ball down, which is a must for midfield players, enter the box, he gets hit in the head.” Things can change, but currently Heath is not expecting him to be up for the team’s next match against Philadelphia.
  • Christian Ramirez and Marc Burch continue to improve and Heath is optimistic about their availability for selection against Philadelphia on Saturday, September 9.
AdvoCare Training Report | Bye Week -

Gaffer’s Quote

Adrian Heath on Danladi’s success and playing him as a winger: “As I’ve said to him — and I’ve said to all the players — sometimes you have to play what's for the benefit of the group. At that particular time, we weren’t left with an awful lot of alternatives. But I don’t think it’ll do him any harm. Certainly improved his fitness. We all know he’s a forward. That’s where he’s going to play eventually. His career is going to be as a center forward. But sometimes needs are a must, and you have to think of the benefit of everybody, rather than one individual.”

AdvoCare Training Report | Bye Week -