Flex Your Fandom
Flex Your Fandom

A new season calls for a new deal; that’s where the Flex Five Ticket Package comes into play. This brand-new offer is designed to be the ultimate combination of convenience and value, giving you a chance to build the perfect package

With the option to pick and choose games, seats, and prices that work best for you, Flex Five puts you in complete control of your Minnesota United experience. Avoid per-game ticket fees, while simultaneously locking in the lowest possible prices before demand raises them.

On top of letting you steer your 2024 experience, Flex Five buyers that either join The Preserve or are already members will get increased priority to select 2025 season tickets. Make next season even better by enjoying a flexible deal this year; that doesn’t sound too bad, huh?


  • Can I really choose any five games?
    • Yes, of course. As long as a game has available inventory, it can be selected in a Flex Five package.
  • Can I get my favorite spot?
    • Only if you act fast! Per-game inventory is limited, so buying today gives you the best shot at getting your ideal seat at the games of your choice.
  • How much does it cost?
    • That’s up to you! Browse our available inventory to find the price point you’re comfortable with.
  • How do I elevate my 2025 Season Ticket Priority through this package?
    • Flex Five purchasers who are on The Preserve will automatically receive elevated priority when it comes time for the 2025 Season Ticket Selection process. If you're not already on The Preserve, you can join online for just $25 per seat.