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Throughout the year Minnesota United conducts youth program activities, i.e., community camps, tryouts and more. Participation in any one of these may lead to an opportunity to trial within the Youth Development Program as talent discovery initiatives are included within each of these programs. Check below to get started and see what Youth Development Program events are coming up.

U9-U14 Tryouts

U9-U14 Tryouts

U9-U14 Tryouts

Minnesota United is hosting tryouts for boys born between 2008 and 2013 at the National Sports Center November 1 through December 10.

These simple principles are central to our philosophy of player development and provide the basis for our work with young players in our Youth Development Program.

Ignite the Passion
Whether you are just starting to play or have been playing for several years, your passion for the game is important. Your love for the game fuels your desire to learn and improve, and is important to your long-term development. Cultivating your passion is a top priority for our coaches and is critical to keeping you “in the game” as you grow.

The Game is the Best Teacher
Playing soccer is the best way to learn. Constant coaching and interference is counter-productive to creating a positive learning environment, especially with young players. It is also important that the games and activities used in practice create realistic pictures and resemble the actual game.

Development and Winning
We believe that focusing on development is the most important aspect when working with young players. If the emphasis is only on the results, then development is influenced in a negative manner. Focusing on the learning process rather than the end result is critical for long-term player development.

Failing is Succeeding
Making mistakes is essential to learning. When young players become worried about what a coach will say when they make a mistake they stop trying new things. Guiding young players in the right manner is essential to their personal development. We understand that making mistakes and taking risks are necessary elements of developing players.

Decision Making is Essential
The best players are also the best problem solvers. Soccer is a complex game that the best players make very simple. The ability to recognize situations in the game and make good decisions is critical to development. Through the use of small-sided games in training, countless opportunities to make decisions are presented to each player.

More than a Game
Teaching life lessons through sport is important to us. Helping young athletes to respect teammates, opponents, coaches, officials and the game is an important element of our coaching philosophy. Our interest in helping young players grow and develop extends far beyond their soccer abilities.

Coaches Must Relate to Players
Coaching must be age and ability appropriate. Individuals who work with young players must know how to relate to the age group they are working with. Careful selection of the coaches who work with each age group is essential to creating the right environment and climate for learning.

Technique is the Foundation
Developing confidence with the ball requires a technical foundation that is nurtured at every practice. Through constant contact with the ball we can improve a player’s skills and the ability to play when under pressure of speed, space or time.