2019 Waiting List

Minnesota United has reached its cap of 14,500 season tickets for 2018 and will start a waiting list for fans interested in season tickets at Allianz Field in 2019.

Fans will be able to join the waiting list by purchasing a 5+ or 10+ match mini plan for 2018. A limited number of supporters section season tickets are still available for those ready and willing to stand for a whole match and sing and chant their hearts out. Get supporters season tickets by calling 763.4SOCCER today or click here.

Fans wanting to get into Allianz Field for 2019 have two options:

  • Fans who purchase (or who have purchased) mini plans for matches in 2018 will be added to the 2019 waiting list in order of purchase, with 10+ match mini plan purchasers being given additional priority over 5+ match mini plan purchasers. This is the only way to get on the 2019 waiting list, and fans will only be able to purchase a number of season tickets equal to the number of mini plan tickets they have purchased when their name comes up and seats become available.
  • Fans who purchase 2018 season tickets in the supporters section will be able to select seats at Allianz Field, but only in the supporters section. That section will have safe-standing areas but no seats. Supporters who purchase seats in 2018 will receive a discount when they renew for 2019 ($360). If seats in the supporters section become available for next year, they will be priced at $410.

Frequently Asked Questions

 How does the wait list affect me if I’m a current season ticket holder?

If you’re a current season ticket holder, you’re guaranteed a spot at Allianz Field next year, provided you participate in seat selection prior to August 31, 2018.

Please note, though, that you will only be able to buy a number of seats at Allianz Field equal to your current number of seats for 2018. You will not be able to purchase additional seats for 2019.

If you have not selected your 2019 season tickets yet, click here for more details on the Allianz Field transition process.

If you have questions about additional seats or the Allianz Field transition process, please contact your ticket representative directly.

 If I’m not a current season ticket holder, how do I get season tickets in the future?

The club has started a waiting list for season tickets. Purchasing a 2018 mini plan is the only way to get on the waiting list.

 Does purchasing a mini plan guarantee me the opportunity to purchase season tickets at Allianz Field?

No. Purchasing a mini plan is the only way to get on the waiting list but it does not guarantee season tickets.

 What’s the difference between a 10+ match mini plan and a 5+ match mini plan with regards to the waiting list?

10+ match mini plans will be given first priority for season tickets, should they become available.

 Once season tickets become available, how and when will people be offered season tickets?

Season tickets will be offered to those on the wait list in order of when they purchased. 10+ match mini plans will be offered the opportunity in order of tenure, followed by 5+ match mini plans in order of tenure.

 How many mini plans do I need to purchase relative to the number of season tickets I want?

Regardless of whether you purchase a 5+ match or 10+ match mini plan, you will only be able to purchase a number of season tickets (if they become available) equal to the number of mini plan tickets that you have.

 If I already have a 2018 mini plan, do I need to do anything to get on the waiting list?

No. If you have already purchased a mini plan in 2018, you are automatically on the waiting list in order of when you purchased your mini plan. If you would like to upgrade to a 10+ game plan to increase your priority, please call 763.4SOCCER.

 Will mini plans be offered at Allianz Field in 2019?

The club does not currently have any plans to offer a mini plan in 2019.

 How does someone get on the waiting list after mini plans are no longer offered?

Once mini plans are no longer available for the 2018 season, the club will announce the process of getting on the wait list. Your best opportunity for season tickets in the future is to purchase a mini plan in 2018.

 Do I have a ticket representative with the club?

Yes, all waiting list holders will be given a dedicated ticket representative with the club that will be your main point of contact for questions. If you did not receive a representative, please call 763.4SOCCER.