The 2020 season was anything but normal. We can't thank you — our season ticket members — enough for sticking with us in 2021.

The 2021 season ticket membership renewal deadline of Friday, July 31 at 12:00 p.m. (noon) CT has passed. Remember, your membership is on auto-renewal. If you took no action by the renewal deadline, we counted you in for next season, applied your 2020 membership credit towards your 2021 invoice and charged the card we have on file on August 1.


In addition to your existing membership benefits, members who renewed for the 2021 season with their 2020 credit selected from the following bonus benefits:

  1. $25 per seat food and beverage credit (Restrictions: No cash back, expires 12/31/2021)
  2. $25 per seat merchandise credit (Restrictions: In-store only, one-time use and no cash back, expires 12/31/2021)
  3. $25 per seat donation on your behalf to Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity
  4. $500 credit towards a 2021 premium rental or 2021 group outing of 50+



Because of your commitment to us, we committed to keeping our per-game season ticket prices flat from 2020 into the 2021 season.


Adding Seats
Season ticket members who entered the add-on lottery will be contacted with details prior to the relocation period. All add-ons will be facilitated during relocations.

Looking to experience gameday from a new location in Allianz Field next season?

Everyone will get the opportunity to check out available 2021 seating locations during the relocation period following renewals in September. Season Ticket Members who have renewed for the 2021 season will receive a relocation appointment time to gain access to the online interactive seating map.If your desired alternate seating location is not available during the relocation period, your membership will continue in 2021 with your current seating location.

Questions? Visit our FAQ below.




Can I receive a refund for my 2020 membership credit but also renew for the 2021 season?
Yes, please contact your representative to arrange alternative options.

Who is eligible for the bonus benefits? How do I select one?
Season Ticket Members who renew for the 2021 season with their credit from the 2020 season can select a bonus benefit within their Season Ticket Membership invoice, available in the Payment tab of their online account manager. Bonus benefits must be selected by 12:00 p.m. CT (noon) July 31.

When and how can I use the bonus benefit I select?
All benefits associated with your 2021 membership will be available beginning January of 2021.

What if I do not want to continue my membership with MNUFC?
You have until July 31 at 12 p.m. CT to opt out of the 2021 season. You can opt out by accessing the Opt Out option in the Offers tab of your online SeatGeek account manager. You must complete these opt out procedures prior to the deadline. Once a payment is processed on August 1, no refunds will be granted.

If I opt out of the 2021 season, what will happen to the money I paid towards the 2020 season?
If you do not renew for the 2021 season, you will have the option to leave your money on file for future MNUFC ticket purchases or request a refund. Upon receiving an opt out form, your representative will contact you to discuss these options and finalize your opt out.

What will happen to the 2020 parking pass I purchased?
You can request it be refunded with your season tickets OR the pass will remain on your account until 2021 parking options are finalized. If you'd like to receive a refund for your parking pass, but renew your 2021 season ticket membership contact your season ticket representative.

How many games does my season ticket membership include?
Your season ticket membership includes a total of 18 games.

Am I able to transfer ownership of my tickets?
Yes, please contact your service representative for more information. Please be prepared to provide, in writing, permission from the primary account holder.

Can I purchase a full season parking pass?
There is potential to purchase a full season parking pass. Parking options will be based on availability, once they have been finalized for the 2021 season. Please let your service representative know if you’re interested in a parking pass.

How can I update my mailing address and other contact information?
You can update your contact information through your invoice, online account manager or your service representative.

Can’t find your answer here? Contact your MNUFC service representative, call 763.4SOCCER, or email tickets@mnufc.com.


Can I relocate my seats for the 2021 season?
Every Season Ticket Member will be automatically enrolled in our seat relocation process as a benefit of the membership. You will receive an email with an assigned appointment time once the renewal process is complete for all members. If you do not wish to take advantage of this process, simply ignore the email and your current seat location will remain. You must first renew your current seating location in order to participate in the relocation process.

I love my seats and don’t want to move! Do I have to participate?
No. If you aren’t interested in relocating, feel free to disregard your relocation window! You’ll continue in your current seating location for the 2021 season.

If I participate in relocations, will I be forced to relocate?
No, you are welcome to check out what is available, but are not required to relocate your seats. If you do not find a more desirable seating location using our interactive map, simply exit the browser and your original seating location will remain secure.

How do I relocate my seats to sit with friends and family?
Seats on different accounts may be relocated together during the later relocation appointment of the two accounts. Please contact your service representative or call 763.4SOCCER for assistance. If you and the other accounts in your party have the same appointment time, you can simply select seats at the same time using the interactive seating map.

How are the appointment times determined?
Appointment times are based on your consecutive tenure as a Season Ticket Member and primary account holder. The accounts that have been with the club the longest will receive the first appointment times. (Tenure is based on consecutive seasons.)

What if I miss my appointment window?
If you miss your appointment, you can contact your service representative to inquire about available seating options, even after the online window closes.

Can I move to a different price level?
Yes, your payment plan will adjust to the new price level at the completion of the seat relocation process. Keep in mind that some price levels are sold out and not available. If you relocate to seats at a higher price level, you will pay in full the difference at the time of your relocation. If you relocate your seats to a lower price level, the difference will deduct from your remaining payments.

Can I relocate my seats more than once?
Yes. Although the available inventory will not increase, there is no limitation to how many times you can relocate your seats during your appointment time window either online or through your service representative.  

I have multiple sets of season tickets but only want to move one set. Can I choose which seats to relocate?
Yes. Under the “Your Current Seats” sidebar, simply check the boxes next to the seats you would like to relocate.

How do I relocate to ADA rows?
There are accessible seats (wheelchair convertible) dispersed throughout all price levels of Allianz Field. To find out more about available ADA seating options, please contact your service representative during your assigned appointment time.

Can’t find your answer here? Contact your MNUFC service representative, call 763.4SOCCER, or email tickets@mnufc.com.