Ready to join the Season Ticket Member family? We’re ready to have you! It’s officially time for our 2024 Season Ticket Seat Selection Process; here’s your guide to securing your spot for next season.

If you're on The Preserve, you will automatically receive an email notifying you that your selection window is open. Once your window is open, you will be able to continually access the selection portal until you’ve picked your spot, we sell out of inventory, or the selection process concludes. Act fast to ensure that you get your preferred location, and remember, inventory is limited. Use the seating map below for a better grasp of what’s available and see the FAQs for troubleshooting. If you need any additional questions answered about this process, feel free to reach out to your MNUFC account rep.

If you're not on The Preserve, here's where you can join.


When is the 2024 season ticket selection process?
The 2024 Season Ticket selection process will start on Wednesday, September 27. In the weeks prior, Preserve members will receive an email notifying them of their upcoming appointment window, which will be determined by their priority status and tenure on The Preserve.

What if I want season tickets but my ideal location is not available by the time my window arrives?
If your preferred seats are unavailable, we recommend you choose another suitable location for the 2024 season and plan to relocate to your preferred location in future seasons. Each year, current Season Ticket Members are given priority to relocate into open seats ahead of Preserve members — meaning that in many cases, your best shot at getting into certain seat locations is to be an existing Season Ticket Member.

Who qualifies for season ticket seat selection?
All current members of The Preserve waitlist will be given a seat selection appointment. Season tickets will be available while supplies last, so the higher the member’s priority on the waitlist, the better chance they have at securing season tickets. Because we have significantly more Preserve members than season tickets available, it is possible that all available seats will be sold out by the time certain appointment windows arrive.

How are the appointment times determined?
Appointment times are determined by a combination of priority and tenure. 2023 partial-season package purchase (First Five and/or Pick 'n Pair) will receive top priority. Following that, all other Preserve Members will receive access as determined by their consecutive tenure on The Preserve.

What if I miss my appointment window?
Your selection window will open at the designated start time and remain open for the entirety of the selection process or until we sell out of seats completely, whichever happens first. In other words, you can still access available seats after your dedicated appointment window; however, the selection will likely be more limited and/or unavailable.

How many games will the season ticket membership include?
Season ticket memberships typically include a total of 18 home games — 17 MLS games and one additional match included.

How many season tickets may I purchase?
You are limited to selecting as many season ticket locations for as many Preserve memberships you have purchased. For example, if you purchased two Preserve memberships, you will not be able to purchase more than two season tickets. To inquire about how many Preserve memberships you purchased or to add Preserve memberships, please contact your representative or email

What are my payment options upon selecting seats?
You have the option of paying in full or making equal monthly payments until July 1, and we will take the first payment when you select seat. The remaining monthly payments would be automatically charged to the card on file the first of each month through July 2024.

Why can’t I select two seats in a set of three seats together?
We do not allow single open seats to be left by themselves, so in this scenario, we’d suggest looking for a location that has two, four or more seats together.

Can I purchase a full season parking pass?
Yes, you can purchase an annual parking pass for 2024. Contact your rep for more information or click HERE. Season parking passes are also available under the SeatGeek offers tab.

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