Making Changes
Making Changes

Should you wish to make any changes to your account, such as if you want to add seats, update your address, or change your payment info (say, for instance, because you recently tried to pirate a movie on a sketchy website and now your credit card has been leaked all over the internet), now is the perfect time to do so. You can review your invoice and make any updates via the Payment Tab of your SeatGeek online Account Manager.

Should you want to opt out of your Season Tickets for next year — perhaps because you decided to sign up for the first commercial trip to Mars in 2024 or because…actually, that’s the only logical reason we can think of — you can do so via the Offers Tab of your SeatGeek online Account Manager. In follow up, a very sad service representative will reach out to complete your cancellation...probably through tears.

Please make any adjustments or opt out by Wednesday, July 26 at noon.

Adding Seats
Adding Seats

So you’d like some more seats, huh? Well, we’d love to give ‘em to you. We don’t have enough seats to accommodate every request, however. And as much as we like you, we can’t be kicking other people out of their seats.

So, if you’d like to add seats to your package for 2024, notify us now by indicating your specific interest within your 2024 invoice, accessed in the Payment Tab of your SeatGeek online Account Manager. Then, once the renewal period is complete, we will host a STM Seat Add-On Lottery process (like the NBA Lottery but with bigger stakes). If you are selected to receive additional seats for the 2024 season, your account rep will notify you following the lottery.

Changing Seats
Changing Seats

We can’t guarantee you’ll get those seats behind the bench you’ve been eyeing, but we can guarantee you’ll have a chance to participate in our seat relocation process following the conclusion of the renewal period.

Sometime around September, all 2024 STMs will receive a relocation appointment window. During this specific time slot, you can go into the interactive stadium map, look around for available seats, and if you find something you like, you can claim it. If you don't see any seats you like better than your current ones, you can simply exit out and keep your same seats for 2024. Or, you can ignore the process entirely and simply stay in your same seats. The world is your oyster.

For more details about the relocation process, see the Relocation FAQs below.

Relocation FAQs
Relocation FAQs

I love my seats and don’t want to move! Do I have to participate?

No. If you aren’t interested in relocating, feel free to disregard your relocation window. You’ll continue in your current season ticket seating location for the 2024 season.

If I want to relocate my seats, do I still need to renew?

Yes. You must first renew your current seating location in order to participate in the relocation process. 

If I participate in the relocation process, will I be forced to relocate?

No, you are welcome to check out what is available, but are not required to relocate your seats. If you don’t find a more desirable seating location using our interactive map, simply exit the browser and your same seats will remain secure.

How do I relocate my seats to sit with friends and family?

Seats on different accounts may be relocated together during the latest relocation appointment of the participating accounts. Please contact your service representative or call 763.4SOCCER for assistance. If you and the other accounts in your party have the same appointment time, you can simply select seats at the same time using the interactive seating map.

How are the member relocation appointment times determined?

Appointment times are based on your tenure as a Season Ticket Member as a primary account holder. Season ticket members with the most tenure (in consecutive seasons) will receive the earliest appointment times.

What if I miss my relocation appointment?

If you miss your appointment, you can contact your service representative to inquire about available seating options, even after the online window closes.

Can I move to a different price level?

Yes, your payment plan will adjust to the new price level at the completion of the seat relocation process by simply adding the additional cost difference to a separate interest-free payment plan. Keep in mind that some price levels could be sold out and unavailable. If you relocate your seats to a lower price level, the difference will deduct from your remaining payments.

Can I relocate my seats more than once?

Yes. Although the available inventory will likely not increase, there is no limit to the number of times you can relocate your seats during your appointment time window either online or through your service representative.

I have multiple sets of season tickets but only want to move one set. Can I choose which seats to relocate?

Yes. Under the “your current seats” sidebar, simply check the boxes next to the seats you would like to relocate.

How do I relocate to ADA rows?

There are accessible seats (wheelchair convertible) dispersed throughout all price levels of Allianz Field. To find out more about available ADA seating options, please contact your service representative during your assigned appointment time.

Contact Us

Contact Us

Have questions about your season ticket renewal process and/or loon migration patterns? We can help with either.

Season Ticket Renewal
Season Ticket Renewal