Cost to build: $250 million
Private Funding to Build: 100%
Public Transportation
Minnesotans withing 30 miles: 1.9 million
Square feet built space: 346,000
Closest seat to the pitch: 17 feet
All natural grass
19,400 seating capacity
Playing field: 120 yards by 75 yards
Furthest seat from the pitch: 125 Feet

Inspired by the rippling waters of the land of 10,000 lakes, Allianz Field is a dynamic icon for the city of Saint Paul and the state as a whole.

Design Features:

  • 88,000 square feet of translucent PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) stadium skin
  • 1,700 emotive LED lights embedded into the exterior
  • 360-degree canopy
  • Electronic playing surface heating
  • Street level design with exterior materials Minnesota-sourced Mesabi Black granite, metal panel, textured concrete and glass
  • Sustainably-designed to minimize environmental impact

Fan Amenities:

  • 125 feet separate the back row and 15 feet from the first row to the pitch
  • 17 different types of seat and service offerings
  • One of three current MLS safe-standing sections, featuring a 2,920-seat, pyramid-shaped supporters' section
  • Four premium hospitality clubs
  • 2,300-square-foot retail store
  • Bike parking for 400 bikes
  • ADA & companion capacity: 280


  • 22x116' videoboard
  • Distributed antenna system for enhanced cell phone coverage
  • High-density wifi for mobile device coverage

Landscape Design:

  • 28,000-square-foot great lawn acts as the stadium's front yard and year-round green space
  • Projected 2 million gallons of rainwater recycled each year
  • Native trees strategically placed to maximize shade