MNUFC Fan Cutout Program


Be part of Allianz Field for the remainder of the season by taking part in the MNUFC Fan Cutout Program benefitting the Children's Cancer Research Fund. For $60, Minnesota United fans can have an image of their choice made into a fan cutout that will be placed on the lower level of Allianz Field. Available on a first-come, first-served basis, cutouts will be available for collection following the conclusion of the season for you to keep.

Season Ticket Members and members of The Preserve will have a chance to purchase their cutout at a discounted rate, and a portion of all the proceeds will be donated to Children's Cancer Research Fund to help fund lifesaving projects, bring better treatments to children more quickly and provide family support services while advocating for childhood cancer education and awareness.

So what are you waiting for? Throw on your MNUFC gear, snap a pic and upload it to be part of every remaining gameday at Allianz Field in 2020. Cutouts are typically installed within ten days of your submission. To get the most games submit now.



Here a few tricks and guidelines to submitting the perfect pic for an in-stadium cutout:

When selecting an outfit ...

  • Make sure whatever you're wearing and your background are contrasting colors.
  • Make sure you have good front lighting.
  • Wear Minnesota United gear! Immortalize your best look in the black and blue of MNUFC. (We'll also accept a plain shirt – no other team's logos or third-party branding)

When choosing a background ...

  • Avoid back lighting – don't stand in front of a window or light source.
  • Avoid having any personal or private information that could be captured in a photo.
  • For best results, use a solid, single-color background.

When snapping a picture ...

  • Photos from mobile devices are not a problem.
  • Include some space around your head and shoulders.
  • Photos should be taken in a vertical format from the waist up.
  • If you wear glasses, consider tilting or angling your face so there is no glare on your eye level.
  • Do not raise your arms above your shoulders as they will be cropped out.
  • If you want to wear a hat, make sure there is a window or good source of light in front of your face.
  • Ensure that you take the photo in vertical (portrait) format and submit the photo in the largest possible size.
  • If you would like to hold a sign or prop, keep within shoulder distance.

When choosing an outfit, avoid ...

  • Commercial advertisements, including slogans, websites and phone numbers.
  • Social media handles and hashtags.
  • Offensive or negative references to any sports teams.
  • Names of any players or MNUFC staff.
  • Statements or endorsements of political candidates.
  • Third party logos/branding.


MNUFC reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to refuse to create and/or display any submissions. Photos that MNUFC deems obscene, lewd, explicit, discriminatory, derogatory, violent, offensive, infringing or otherwise inappropriate content are strictly prohibited and will be rejected. MNUFC cannot guarantee the condition of your cutout after exposure to outdoor elements and may move/remove any and all cutouts at its sole discretion without notice or liability to you. MNUFC is not responsible for any damaged or lost cutouts and they will not be replaced. Additional terms and conditions are located in the Consent, Assignment, and Release found here.

Have more questions? Check out the handy FAQ below or email us at


 Can more than one person be in the photo?

Only one person per cutout. Photos with multiple people will not be accepted.

 Can I submit a photo of my pet?

Yes! Pet photos are permitted if they comply with the photo submission guidelines and criteria.

 How will I know if the photo I upload is accepted?

You will be contacted if your photo does NOT meet submission guidelines. See our photo submission guidelines for tips on submitting the best photo.

 Will I be able to see my cutout in the broadcast?

We cannot guarantee you will see your cutout. We will be posting photos of the sections of cutouts on and cutouts will be on the TV Broadcast side of the stadium.

 Where will my cutout be placed?

Fan cutouts will be placed randomly in the lower level of Allianz Field. They will be placed on a first-come, first-served basis and will not be in your seat location if you are a Season Ticket Member.

 If I buy one for each member of my family, will we be placed next to each other?

There is no guarantee that your cutouts will be placed next to each other. Placing orders at the same time gives the best shot of this happening but is by no means guaranteed.

 When will my cutout be in the seat?

Cutouts will be installed in waves beginning with the start of Phase 2 of the MLS schedule. Cutouts are placed at random based on when you submit your photo. Cutouts will be placed as certain thresholds of purchases are sent to the printer. Once we have the product in hand, we will place the cutouts as quickly as possible. Please note that delays may be faced due to COVID-19 concerns. Our goal is to have the cutouts printed and installed as soon as possible.

 Can I keep my cutout at the end of the season?

Yes! You will be able to pick up your cutout at the end of the season. More detailed pick-up instructions will be sent out at a later date.

 What if my cutout gets damaged?

Damaged cutouts will be removed and will not be able to be replaced. MNUFC reserves the right to decide what constitutes a damaged cutout. MNUFC cannot guarantee the condition of your cutout after exposure to weather, outdoor elements, and balls leaving the playing field, as such a faded image or a dent from a ball, will not result in a replaced cutout.

 What if the season gets cancelled?

All approved purchases for cutouts are final and in no event shall such payments be refunded for any reason, including but not limited to the delay, suspension or early termination of the 2020 MLS Season.

 When will I be able to see my cutouts in the stands?

To see photos of cutouts installed, visit Please note: the process of installing cutouts will be ongoing. If you do not see yourself in the current photos, there is a good chance your cutout is on its way and will soon be added into the stands. We expect to have all cutouts installed by mid October with photos updated shortly after that. If you do not see your cutout after the final photos are posted, please reach out. However, we ask that you help us by carefully reviewing the photos as best as possible before following up.

 My cutout is blocked, is there anything I can do?

We’re doing our best to photographically capture each section from an angle that allows each cutout to be seen but due to restricted areas in the stadium for player safely this sometimes makes it challenging. Photography aside, each cutout enjoys spacious elbow room with a vacant seats next to them on either side!

 Why does the image on my cutout grainy?

When enlarging photos to 2.5’ from photos, some pixelation/blurriness may happen. To help fans submit the best photos to be enlarged, we provided photo submission guidelines to make it easier to know what photos worked best. If you submitted a photo below those size/resolution recommendations that would account for the pixelation in the cutout printed.