Gender gaps have plagued the sports landscape for years, ranging from compensation disparities to representation in leadership roles. As part of our ongoing effort to work toward leveling the playing field in professional sports front offices, MNUFC will be hosting a virtual webinar on Monday, February 26 at 11:00 am CT to highlight some of the women that are making our club better.

Panelists Cori Meixner, Chelsea Radford, Sarah Korpi, Brooke Downing, and Kayce Godwin bring a broad range of experience to the conversation, providing valuable advice to anyone who wants to follow in their footsteps. Hear about a variety of career paths, what it takes to break into the industry, and general tips for young women and aspiring sport management professionals.

You can sign up to join this virtual webinar and submit your questions for the panelists by completing the form below.

Meet the Panelists
Meet the Panelists

Cori Meixner
Director, Community Relations


Sarah Korpi
Vice President, Content Strategy & Production


Brooke Downing
Email Marketing & Database Sr. Analyst


Chelsea Radford
Vice President, People Operations


Kayce Godwin
Head Athletic Trainer

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