Thank you for your interest in the Minnesota United FC Academy. We are looking for young talented players who have the passion, ability and desire to pursue a pathway that may lead to a career in professional soccer.

Players are identified and evaluated for inclusion in our Academy through:

  • Scouting
  • Player Trial Application
  • Youth Program Discovery


Our Academy utilizes both coaches and scouts to identify prospective players. Individuals identified through scouting will be offered an opportunity to participate in a scheduled player trial or included within the appropriate age group team training.

Strict policies govern the scouting process (see section on Scouting Policies) and the manner in which scouts or members of our Academy Technical Staff conduct themselves. No direct contact with players is permitted during the course of the season and on-field contact between a scout and player is prohibited. Academy scouts are required to report any player identified to the MNUFC Academy Director or the Director of Player Personnel for follow up. 

Player Trial Application

Players interested in being considered for our Academy and who would like to participate in a player trial must submit the Prospect Questionnaire (click here to access questionnaire). Upon review of your questionnaire we will contact you and your family to discuss the following options for trialing. 

  • Open player trial
  • Team training session
  • Youth program event

Prior to participation in any trial, players are expected to notify their current club of their intentions.

Youth Program Discovery

Throughout the year Minnesota United FC conducts numerous youth program activities, i.e., community camps, club training programs or Top Talent events. Participation in any one of these may lead to an opportunity to trial with our Academy as we include a talent discovery component within each of these programs.

Prospects identified through any of these methods are handled in a manner similar to scouted players. The player’s club will be contacted prior to the player being offered a trial opportunity.

For a complete listing and schedule of Youth Program events click here.