What are the ages and teams for 2018–19?

DA Teams at U13, U14 and U15 will represent Minnesota United in the US Soccer Development Academy for the 2018–19 season.

 Who are the coaches for the teams?

Tim Carter, our Academy Director, will coach and lead the academy technical staff for the U13, U14 and U15 age groups. Please refer to our website for more information about which coaches are assigned to the various age groups.

 How is the DA integrated with the MNUFC first team?

We integrate our first team technical staff in our DA by drawing upon their experience and knowledge. Specifically, our first team goalkeeper coach serves as the Head of Goalkeeping for the DA while the first team Head of Fitness & Sport Science oversees performance training.

 Where will the teams train?

The National Sports Center in Blaine is the official training facility for Minnesota United’s first team and Development Academy teams.

 How often do teams train?

US Soccer requires that teams U13 and up train a minimum of four times per week. Players will be expected to attend and participate in all sessions.

 What time will teams train?

Training times will be scheduled to start in the late afternoon or early evening. Times may vary throughout the year depending on the availability of facilities.

 How do the MNUFC Academy and MYSA Olympic Development Program work together?

ODP age group teams that correspond to the DA ages will be scheduled to train and play against our DA teams on a regular basis. In addition, ODP players whose abilities merit it will be asked to train with our DA teams.

 How do the MNUFC Academy and club Directors of Coaching work together?

We will communicate to DOCs about players identified within their clubs whose abilities demonstrate that they should be considered for our DA.

 Will a player be able to play both ODP and DA?

No. US Soccer policy does not permit players who are registered as full-time players to take part in the any ODP event. US Soccer regularly scouts DA matches throughout the year in order to identify players for the various age group national youth teams.

 When is the DA season?

Preseason begins in August with competition starting in September. Competition for the U13, U14 and U15 age groups end in December and is followed by a winter-stop.

Following the winter-stop, we start again with a second preseason period that leads into the second half of the competition. The competition year ends in June.

 How many players will you have per team?

We are permitted to register 20 full-time players for each team. We will only form teams to compete in US Soccer DA competition.

 Can a player join mid-season?

Yes. Players will be given the opportunity to try out for our DA during the year.

 Is there a player cost to participate in the DA?

Yes, there is an annual fee. MNUFC will provide 75–80% of the total cost per player. Player fees have been capped at $1,500 for U15 players and $2,000 for U13 and U14s, however, we are committed to providing financial assistance to players whose abilities demonstrate they are top selections for our DA but are unable to afford the fee.

 Do we have to pay additional for DA travel?

No, this is included within the total budget for the Academy and has already been calculated in determining expenses.

 Are we required to buy uniforms?

No, MLS has a contract with adidas, and training and game apparel is provided to each player as part of this MLS-adidas contract.

 Are there other events in the team’s programs because of the MLS?

Because of the MLS affiliation there are events at older age groups for MLS DA teams only. However, invitations from professional clubs for teams in younger age groups are common and will be considered for our DA teams.

 Will you add older DA teams?

Yes, we will add U16/17 and U18/19 teams for the 2019–20 year. We are working closely with US Soccer on phasing in additional teams.

 Do you have a residency program?

Yes, we have recently launched a partnership with the International School of Minnesota and we are currently evaluating players from outside our local market for inclusion in our Academy beginning with the 2018–19 year.



 What is the MNUFC Pre-Development Academy program?

The program provides supplemental training and competition to a pool of players who have been identified through tryouts or scouting. This program is in addition to the training and team competition provided by the player’s home club.

 How many players are selected to the pool of players?

The program is split into two different groups, Advanced Placement (AP) and Basic Placement (BP). The AP groups have pools of 35-40 players for each age group, while the BP groups can be anywhere from 15-50 players.

 When and where do the players practice?

The AP groups train at the MNUFC Training Ground at the National Sports Center in Blaine. The BP groups train at various sites throughout the Metro.

 What is the time commitment the players make?

The commitment is one training session per week for the entire phase.

 How do players receive an invite to the Pre-DA Program?

After the player placement event, players will be invited to either an AP group or BP group via email. No players are cut from this program.

 Who leads the Pre-Development Program?

A full-time member of our Development Academy coaching staff oversees the curriculum and serves as the Technical Leader for the program.

 What competition events are scheduled?

The U12 (2008) program will have events scheduled with other US Soccer Development Academy Clubs as well as other MLS Academy Clubs. All players are eligible to make rosters for these events, but space on roster is limited. These events require an additional fee from the participant.

All ages and groups will have two Festivals with all of the players in the program.


 How will we travel to games outside of Minnesota?

The U12s will travel in a similar fashion to our Development Academy teams. We will utilize charter buses or commercial airlines for our travel needs.

 What does the event cost cover?

The event cost covers travel, hotel and meals. Only players selected to participate in a competition event are responsible for this cost. The MNUFC Academy will partially underwrite the cost of participation in the MLS Generation adidas Cup.

 Do all players travel and participate in events?

No. Depending on the event and the specific roster limitations for each event, we will need to make a selection on which players will participate in these events.

 Do I need to tell my club coach?

Yes, communicating with your club coach is very important. We will also communicate with your club’s Director of Coaching after you have notified us of your decision to participate.

 Is it possible that a player could be moved up to the U13 team during the year?

Yes, this is a possibility depending on available roster spots in that team and provided it is within the registration window for adding players based on US Soccer DA rules.

 Can players be given the opportunity to train with the U13 team during the year?

Yes, as we evaluate players we will at times offer the opportunity to train with the U13 DA team to players who we believe are ready.

 Does this mean I have made the Development Academy team for next season?

No, each player will go through an evaluation process as we determine the U13 DA team for the following year.

 What if I cannot attend the events?

If you are selected to an event but due to a conflict you are unable to participate in that event, you are still expected to continue with the program of training.

 What are the dates of away competition events for this phase?

The Futsal event is scheduled in February and two MLS Generation adidas Cup events over Thanksgiving and Easter weekends.

 What is the cost of the program?

The training phase is $375 for each player. Event costs for away competitions will be determined depending on the event. Only players selected to participate in events will have to pay these event costs.

Please refer to the program overview for more information.

 What are Academy Development Centers (ADCs)?

ADCs are locations throughout the MSP area that are set up to run Pre-Development Academy programming. These are split into ADC-Advanced Placement and ADC-Metro locations. Each runs on a similar curriculum and has training/competition elements.

 Why were ADCs they developed?

The ADCs were developed to include more players and give more players an opportunity to train with MNUFC. The locations are spread throughout the MSP area so players can choose a day/location that works best with their current club schedule.

 What is the difference between ADC-Metro and ADC-AP?

Players will be evaluated through a trial process, with all players being placed into an Academy Development Centers (ADC). Forty 2008s and 40 2009s will be placed in the ADC-AP group, which trains at the MNUFC Training Facilities in Blaine. AP stands for Advanced Placement.

The remaining 2008–2010 players who complete the trial process will be placed into ADC-Metro groups. These groups meet at various locations throughout the Twin Cities area. There are opportunities for players in the ADC-Metro groups to move up and train with the ADC-AP groups.

ADC-Area sites are within 100 miles of the Twin Cities and offer a condensed version of the program.


 Is there movement from the ADC-Metro to ADC-AP?

Players who are not originally placed in the ADC-AP group still have the chance to be moved up to be tested or permanently move up into the ADC-AP group.

 Who are the coaches for ADCs?

MNUFC Academy Staff will be leading the program with the help of MNUFC Youth Programs Staff.

 What will each player receive?

Each player will receive MNUFC training apparel that includes an adidas training top, shorts and socks.