What is the MNUFC Pre-Development Academy program?

The program provides supplemental training and competition to a pool of players who have been identified through tryouts or scouting. This program is in addition to the training and team competition provided by the player’s home club.

 How many players are selected to the pool of players?

Each age group pool will have 30–40 players.

 When and where do the players practice?

A training schedule identifying the days and times for training will be announced at the beginning of each phase. Training will be held at the National Sports Center, the University of Minnesota and other sport facilities within the Twin Cities.

 What is the time commitment the players make?

The commitment is one to two times per week for the entire phase.

 How do players receive an invite to the Pre-DA Program?

After the tryout and review process we will send invitations via TeamSnap to those players selected.

 Who leads the Pre-Development Program?

A full-time member of our Development Academy coaching staff oversees the curriculum and serves as the Technical Leader for the program.

 What competition events are scheduled?

The U12 program will have two competition events: US Soccer Futsal Showcase (Indianapolis, IN) and MLS Generation adidas Cup (Dallas, TX). There are no formal competition events for the U11 age group.

 How will we travel to games outside of Minnesota?

The U12s will travel in a similar fashion to our Development Academy teams. We will utilize charter buses or commercial airlines for our travel needs.

 What does the event cost cover?

The event cost covers travel, hotel and meals. Only players selected to participate in a competition event are responsible for this cost. MNUFC Academy will partially underwrite the cost of participation in the MLS Generation adidas Cup.

 Do all players travel and participate in events?

No, depending on the event and the specific roster limitations for each event we will need to make a selection on what players will participate in these events.

 Do I need to tell my club coach?

Yes, communicating with your club coach is very important. We will also communicate with your club’s Director of Coaching after you have notified us of your decision to participate.

 Is it possible that a player could be moved up to the U13 team during the year?

Yes, there is this possibility pending available roster spots in that team and provided it is within the registration window for adding players based on US Soccer DA rules.

 Can players be given the opportunity to train with the U13 team during the year?

Yes, as we evaluate players we will at times offer to players who we believe are ready the opportunity to train with the U13 DA team.

 Does this mean I have made the Development Academy team for next season?

No, each player will go through an evaluation process to determine the U13 DA team for the following year.

 What if I cannot attend the events?

If you are selected to an event but due to a conflict you are unable to participate in that event, you are still expected to continue with the program of training.

 What are the dates of away competition events for this phase?

The Futsal event is scheduled in February and the MLS Generation adidas Cup is over Easter weekend.

 What is the cost of the program?

The training phase is $300 for each player. The events costs are $500 for Futsal and $400 for the MLS GA Cup. Only players selected to participate in events incur these event costs. Please refer to the program overview for more information.

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